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Neat… a branching #video player #narrative #storytelling #edtech
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13 days ago by psychemedia
Becoming: First-Gen and Latinx Experiences | Kenyon College Research | Digital Kenyon: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Exchange
Digital Stories: First-Gen and Latinx Experiences centers on personal experience as a subject of analysis and as a means to facilitate the construction of new social knowledge. Students in the Contemporary Latino Literature and Film (SPAN 381) class captured, in digital story form, the experiences of first generation and/or Latinx students at Kenyon College and explored, together with Mount Vernon high school students in the Kenyon Academic Partnership (KAP) Spanish class, the themes of bilingualism, cultural contact zones, and nepantlismo (“the land in the middle”) through literature and digital stories. A primary teaching goal of this project was to decolonize the classroom and academic knowledge production. Using oral history, community-engaged learning, and digital storytelling, the students documented the role of radical resistance that first-generation and Latinx student played in the emergence and sustainability of their identities. Their digital stories engaged our campus community and beyond, as the College’s newspaper The Collegian documented.
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19 days ago by cogdog
R. Lyle Skains, "Teaching digital fiction: integrating experimental writing and current technologies"
This paper outlines a module incorporating multiple literacies into a creative writing course, Playable Fiction, noting the affordances, limitations, and benefits of teaching workshops for writing digital fiction (“born-digital” fiction, composed for and read on digital devices). The researcher took an ethnographical approach to the question, designing a module to encourage creative writing students to experiment with digital fiction, and observing the effects on the students’ attitudes and their coursework. Included is a discussion of the benefits to students of developing multiliteracies and considerations for teaching, including issues of technical know-how and the lack of infrastructural support. Finally, the paper describes the model class taught to second-year and third-year undergraduates in the ‘Games Design and Professional Writing' programs at Bangor University, in the UK, including marking recommendations and reading list advice.
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4 weeks ago by bryanalexander
Have a look at our report of the hands-on workshop on the use of interactive for academic hist…
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9 weeks ago by verwinv
VR and AR: The Art of Immersive Storytelling and Journalism | EDUCAUSE
"de la Peña describes the first rule of VR design: Begin by thinking of your body in the space. The focus of VR design is not the camera frame, but the embodied visitor."
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11 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
Ethical guidelines from Transformative Storytelling for Social Change
"Storytellers must have the ability to make informed choices about workshop participation and the content, production, and use of their work. Consent forms can be designed so as the interviewer and the interviewee both have to sign it. It is also good practice to sign two copies, leaving one copy with the interviewee. Consent forms must be explicit, and must be thoroughly explained, as far as possible, in the first language of the participants."
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january 2019 by warnick
Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
Steven High: "Ethics is at the heart of oral history theory and practice. Oral history encourages us to rethink dominant academic research practice from a mode of knowing about to knowing with. Who controls the research process clearly matters. Collaboration is an ongoing process of dialogue and sharing. At its best, sharing authority is about much more than speaking to new audiences; it requires the cultivation of trust, the development of collaborative relationships, and shared decision-making. This cannot be rushed."
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january 2019 by warnick
Teacher Resources from the Moth
"In the last few years, hundreds of teachers, parents and students have reached out to us about resources, professional development and bringing The Moth to classrooms across the world. We’ve heard you – and now we’re so excited for what’s coming next!"
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january 2019 by warnick
What's Your Digital Flavor?
"This site was created for anyone interested in learning more about the art of Multimodal Storytelling. The site contains genres of multimodal stories that highlight a particular class or community assignment. Each page offers a complete breakdown of the assignment or project and offers links to syllabi, project descriptions, resources, carefully scaffolded calendar and additional resources."
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january 2019 by warnick
"a gay love story of the 1st world war’s year"
A Twitter-based story including graphics. A mix of history and fiction.
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december 2018 by bryanalexander
Stories21 – Resources for 21st Century Storytellers
Ryan Trauman's great collection of resources, both technical and conceptual, for digital storytellers.
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december 2018 by warnick
How populist are you? | World news | The Guardian
Populism is upending global politics, forcing many of us to grapple with what the concept means. Answer the questions below to find out how populist you are - and how you compare with leaders such as Donald Trump.
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november 2018 by hay
The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
Ren'Py is a visual novel engine – used by thousands of creators from around the world – that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell interactive stories that run on computers and mobile devices. These can be both visual novels and life simulation games. The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for complex simulation games.

Ren'Py is open source and free for commercial use.
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november 2018 by cogdog

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