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Digital Preservation Step by Step | Orbis Cascade Alliance
Based on NDSA levels, really clear about how to improve your situation.
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4 days ago by dsalo
DSHR's Blog: Economic Models Of Long-Term Storage
My work on the economics of long-term storage with students at the UC Santa Cruz Center for Research in Storage Systems stopped about six ye...
DigitalPreservation  storage 
4 days ago by anjackson
UC Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description
To improve the clarity and usefulness of finding aids and to promote consistency across campuses, a working group of digital archivists under the aegis of the UC Born-Digital Content Common Knowledge Group (CKG) have collaborated to develop a UC-wide descriptive standard for born-digital archival material.
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5 days ago by dsalo
Minimum Viable Station - Google Docs
a minimal viable station for preservation or video (with audio).
digitalpreservation  digitization 
8 days ago by skorasaurus
Project STAND
Student Activism Now Documented
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9 days ago by dsalo

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