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Grammalepsy - Essays on Digital Language Art

> Collecting and recontextualizing writings from the last twenty years of John Cayley’s research-based practice of electronic literature, Grammalepsy introduces a theory of aesthetic linguistic practice developed specifically for the making and critical appreciation of language art in digital media. As he examines the cultural shift away from traditional print literature and the changes in our culture of reading, Cayley coins the term “grammalepsy” to inform those processes by which we make, understand, and appreciate language.
november 2018 by mcmorgan
One Hundred Thousand Billion Processes: Oulipian Computation and the Composition of Digital Cybertexts | Technoculture
A mainly rhetorical and partly semiotic consideration of a three computational texts as a way of discussing where digital poetics is going and how. Hayles, Manovich, oulipo, cybertexts.
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may 2013 by mcmorgan
Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
A site that generates word clouds from text you provide.
visualization  digitalrhetoric  digitalpoetics 
june 2008 by mcmorgan
Writing With the Code
Writing With the Code - a Digital Poetics

Søren Pold

Comparative Literature / Multimedia

Aarhus University, Denmark
Writing  Code  DigitalPoetics  Digital  Poetics  SørenPold  ComparativeLiterature  lit  Multimedia  Aarhus  University  artware  edu  txt 
august 2007 by jonCates

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