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RT : RISC-V Foundation Launches Soft CPU Design Contest.

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october 2018 by 9600
The Way We Build – Airbnb Design
Technology companies are expected to move at an incredible pace, and building software is complex. Add ever growing teams to the mix and you often end up with disjointed experiences. This has led us to try to better understand how multiple teams can efficiently collaborate to build great, cohesive software.
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october 2018 by beep
Have you prepared yourself for CMD’s panel on ? Portland’s own is ready to d…
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april 2018 by mulkey
“Fair Is Not the Default,” by Josh Lovejoy for Google Design
Designing for fairness means confronting inequality in the world while maintaining an open and curious mind. It starts with asking questions: Who am I? And how can I better understand the needs of everyone else?
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march 2018 by beep

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