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Learning in a digital age (OERu)
Develop the skills and confidence to become a competent and autonomous learner in a digital age.
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4 days ago by cogdog
Today’s students need to learn about early and often! My book will help you...available on Amaz…
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8 weeks ago by tolkien
For those new to this Twitter thing.... and for those of us who need a reminder or two!
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june 2019 by tolkien
RT : A favorite lesson in 5th grade today on Safe Chatting - protecting private information and keep…
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may 2019 by schmidjon
The Secondary Librarians made plans to integrate and in secondary learning and pro…
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may 2019 by NoodleTools
Thanks to all the parents who came out last night for our conversation on & the challenges/oppo…
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march 2019 by liebermansees
Digital Citizenship | Common Sense Education
Everything educators need to empower the next generation of digital citizens.
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february 2019 by cogdog
It will be very interesting to see how this funding plays out!

DigCit  AussieEd  DigitalCitizenship  from twitter_favs
february 2019 by pluke17

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