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Digital Tools | Classroom Resources | PBS LearningMedia
list of digital tools for interesting art projects, assignments, and teaching opportunities. wide spectrum of tools from video to audio to infovis to social media. Found through PBS Learning Media Professional Development
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28 days ago by bytezen
Google reduces JPEG file size by 35% | Ars Technica UK
Google has developed and open-sourced a new JPEG algorithm that reduces file size by about 35 percent—or alternatively, image quality can be significantly improved while keeping file size constant. Importantly, and unlike some of its other efforts in image compression (WebP, WebM), Google's new JPEGs are completely compatible with existing browsers, devices, photo editing apps, and the JPEG standard.
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6 weeks ago by wynkenhimself
Traherne Digital Collator – The Oxford Traherne
The Oxford Traherne, in collaboration with Professor Andrew Zisserman FRS and Joon Son Chung (Visual Geometry Group, Engineering Science, Oxford), and Dr Christopher Palmer (Physics, Oxford), has developed the Traherne Digital Collator, an innovative digital collation system, which is easier to use than existing methods of optical collation, will enable faster and more detailed textual comparison, and make it possible to analyse the printed text in ways not currently possible. We anticipate that it will transform the scholarly editing process, and become a standard research tool.

We believe that collation should not be divorced from examination of the material text, and that there will always be features which can only be interpreted by the examination of the original volume. We have therefore designed a system which combines digital functionality with the retention of the vital link to the physical text. It consists of image comparison software and associated image capture equipment, in a portable form suitable for use in libraries. Live images of the physical volume are displayed by the camera on a laptop, while the software compares them with existing photographs of a second copy of the text and automatically identifies variants. The software performs transformations to align the images, and can offer a choice of several different visualizations of the variants. It can also be used independently with two image sets.
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8 weeks ago by wynkenhimself
My Top Apps for 2017
Last week my phone stopped working out of nowhere, I had to do a factory reset and install all apps again. This week I had my laptop replaced so once again I had to install everything from scratch.I
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november 2016 by matopher
Welcome to |
CollectiveAccess is software for describing all manner of things, and allows you to create catalogues that closely conform to your needs without custom programming.
november 2016 by wynkenhimself
for transferring large docs without GD.
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november 2016 by davidsbill

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