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HILT is a 5-day training institute that includes keynotes, ignite talks, and local cultural heritage excursions for researchers, students, early career scholars and cultural heritage professionals who seek to learn more about Digital Humanities theory, practice, and culture. In addition to the conference’s day-time sessions, participants can enjoy opportunities to explore the city through local dining and special events.
Humanities Intensive Learning + Teaching

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Distant Horizons: Digital Evidence and Literary Change, Underwood
"Just as a traveler crossing a continent won’t sense the curvature of the earth, one lifetime of reading can’t grasp the largest patterns organizing literary history. This is the guiding premise behind Distant Horizons, which uses the scope of data newly available to us through digital libraries to tackle previously elusive questions about literature. Ted Underwood shows how digital archives and statistical tools, rather than reducing words to numbers (as is often feared), can deepen our understanding of issues that have always been central to humanistic inquiry.  Without denying the usefulness of time-honored approaches like close reading, narratology, or genre studies, Underwood argues that we also need to read the larger arcs of literary change that have remained hidden from us by their sheer scale. Using both close and distant reading to trace the differentiation of genres, transformation of gender roles, and surprising persistence of aesthetic judgment, Underwood shows how digital methods can bring into focus the larger landscape of literary history and add to the beauty and complexity we value in literature."
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Digital Du Bois – AAIHS
Review of W.E.B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits: Visualizing Black America
As Russert and Battle-Baptiste conclude, this volume can contribute to “envisioning how data might be reimagined as a form of accountability and even protest in the age of Black Lives Matter.”5 But the volume also portends the techno-solutionism of our time. These images remind us that the Silicon Valley technocrats who control powerful digital platforms, including the very ones on which Du Bois’s data portraits are now being circulated, remain woefully dismissive toward sociological knowledge of race (and gender), too often assuming the neutrality of their data. Their reckless failure to reckon with the implications of racism on their platforms has already endangered marginalized populations, and will likely continue to do so. Along with Du Bois’s prophetic statement about the twentieth century and the color-line, we might also consider the science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany’s riff on Du Bois: “The problem of the twenty first century is going to be the problem of misinformation.”6

In his essay in the volume, Aldon Morris, author of The Scholar Denied: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Birth of Modern Sociology, restates his case that the Du Bois-Atlanta School of Sociology should be properly recognized as the foundation of the discipline because “Du Bois was among the first professors in the nation to train students in sociological theory and empirical methodologies.”7 This volume can be productively taught as a companion piece to Morris’s The Scholar Denied by showing visual examples of the sociological innovations that Morris describes.

The book could also be used in tandem with Du Bois’s most widely-read work, the 1903 essay collection The Souls of Black Folk. The plates on Georgia correlate with chapters such as “Of the Black Belt,” “Of the Training of Black Men,” and “Of the Wings of Atalanta,” in which Du Bois describes life in rural and urban Georgia and uses these locations to advocate for the education and uplift of Black people.
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NLP database of (19th century?) literary entities
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