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Digital Omnium | Oral History, Archives and Digital Technology
Digital Omnium is my blog about oral history, archives and digital technologies and features regular posts on topics relating to recording, archiving, digital preservation and online dissemination of oral histories.
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may 2018 by kinofile
Born Digital @ Yale - Yale University Library Research Guides at Yale University
Welcome to Born Digital @ Yale, the home for resources and news on the selection, acquisition, description and access of born digital archival collections at Yale University.

The content for this guide is created and maintained by the Yale Born Digital Archives Working Group, whose main areas of focus this year are increasing awareness, developing policies, coordinating training, and reducing accessioning backlogs.
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march 2018 by kinofile
Open Source Software Archival Workflow Investigating, Synchronizing, and Modeling a Range of Archival Workflows for Born-Digital Content
The Educopia Institute, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science (UNC SILS), LYRASIS, and Artefactual, Inc., are investigating, synchronizing, and modeling a range of workflows to increase the capacity of libraries and archives to curate born digital content. These archival workflows will incorporate three leading open source software (OSS) platforms—BitCurator, Archivematica, and ArchivesSpace—and the project will be designed to generate findings that can be generalizable to settings that are using other platforms and applications.

This project will significantly impact curation practices by increasing our understanding of how institutions of different sizes and types may engage in OSS tool integration and workflow development. Our findings will be used to support a broad range of libraries and archives actively collecting and curating digital content. The knowledge gained by working with multiple institutions of different types and sizes will also broaden field-wide understanding of curation approaches and priorities, and how those impact the use of tools and capabilities in Archivematica, ArchivesSpace, and BitCurator. We expect the empirical findings about institutional needs, as well as formal workflow models, to contribute to digital curation research literature.
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february 2018 by lovelytree
Letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook News Feed change hides news, hurts nation - San Francisco Chronicle
The San Francisco Chronicle won’t go out of business because of this decision. But smaller publications very likely could, and virtually all news organizations will lose money that pays for reportage.
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january 2018 by JFIResearch

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