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France to impose new tax on internet and tech giants | France News | Al Jazeera
Paris estimates to make $570m in 2019 by introducing a new levy on large internet and tech firms from January 1.

France has said it will impose its own tax on large internet and technology companies from January 1.

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said at a news conference in Paris on Monday …
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14 hours ago by p-jo
Google's Secret China Project "Effectively Ended" After Fight
Google has been forced to shut down a data analysis system it was using to develop a censored search engine for China after members of the company’s …
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14 hours ago by p-jo
Tech powers The Bike Project’s work in helping refugees navigate new lives
"The London-based charity is using CRM and an SMS alerting system in its work of reconditioning second-hand bicycles and donating them to new arrivals to the UK capital."
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yesterday by jonerp
Sales and marketing working in tandem – organizational Holy Grail or the new reality?
"Marketing and Sales working in harmony for the greater good...or fighting like a bag of cats. Salesforce's State of Marketing Report suggests progress."
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2 days ago by jonerp
RT : We’re hiring! is looking to appoint data driven editors & minded
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3 days ago by sarcas
What is your password setting ordinary into the website? via

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