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9 hours ago by katinalynn
Pearson January trading update
Digital transformation and tactical actions
During the year we continued to make good progress with our digital transformation and grew US higher education digital courseware revenue by approximately 9%.
We continue to focus on Direct Digital Access, Pearson’s inclusive access offering, signing 210 new institutions in 2017.
We’ve reduced the rental price of 2,000 ebook titles and have seen revenues rise by 22% during the year. Furthermore, we have seen success with the start of our print rental pilot and are now adding more than 90 additional titles in 2018.
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15 hours ago by sentinelle
Bill McDermott commits to SAP Community – it’s a BFD. MSCNGA? - by @dahowlett
"The SAP Community has been rusting away for a while now. Resentment and a drifting away from core values have taken their toll. McDermott wants to fix that."
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16 hours ago by jonerp
Amazon's Alexa will no long respond to harassment in response to #MeToo — Quartz at Work
Amazon's Alexa will no long respond to harassment in response to #MeToo — Quartz at Work -
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16 hours ago by DrJacVick

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