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Where are the pigs hiding?????
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may 2019 by madjo
Recent music reviews & album reviews by Any Decent Music
The last batch of votes are in so we can now proclaim the AnyDecentMusic definitive summary of the Best Albums Of 2018 lists. We've compiled the rankings from all those magazines, newspapers and websites among our sources which publish their albums of the year. via Pocket
2018  music  digging  discovery  yearlist  list  lijstje  eindejaarslijst  bestof  meta  any.decent.music 
december 2018 by jburkunk
50 of the greatest Trojan Records
The iconic British reggae label officially turns fifty this year. via Pocket
pocket  reggae  digging  discovery  dub  trojan  trojan.records  uk 
december 2018 by jburkunk

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