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Object Oriented Programming is an expensive disaster which must end
Exhaustive, and exhausting, rant on OOP and FP.
If you ever need a reference to the distinctions, here's the place to go.

Takes 12 supposed advantages of OOP and shows the limitations.
oop  fp  objectorientedprogramming  functionalprogramming  differences  rant 
7 weeks ago by drmeme
Synchronisierungslösung auswählen – Drive File Stream oder Backup & Sync
Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten, auf Google Drive-Dateien zuzugreifen und sie auf allen Geräten zu synchronisieren. Drive File Stream ist für die meisten Organisationen am besten geeignet. Mi
google  differences  filestream  comparison  backupandsync  googleapps  googledrive 
10 weeks ago by ferdinandfuchs
RabbitMQ vs Kafka Part 1 - Two Different Takes on Messaging — Jack Vanlightly
In this part we'll explore what RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka are and their
approach to messaging. Each technology has made very different decisions
regarding every aspect of their design, each with strengths and weaknesses.
We'll not come to any strong conclusions in this part, instead think of
this as a primer on the technologies so we can dive deeper in subsequent
parts of the series
kafka  rabbitmq  comparison  evaluation  blog  post  differences 
11 weeks ago by eeichinger

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