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How To Sprout Wheat Berries - Cultures for Health

Dehydrating once they sprout:

Sourdough recipes:

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march 2018 by daguti
T.R.I.M. at CMC: 10-Steps to A Healthier Body
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Just realized this was reposted (and updated a bit) on as "Deep Nutrition Made Simple" (link below), which I already bookmarked previously. Still, saving this for posterity.
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This is an archived version from The Internet Archive. Copy/pasting the article in case this goes down:

"The problem isn’t you! And it has nothing to do with willpower. The problem is INFLAMMATION—a chronic state of metabolic imbalance that stands between you and the body, and health, you deserve! At T.R.I.M. (T.R.I.M. = Treatment to Reverse Inflammatory Metabolism) we remove the toxins from your diet and create an individualized nutritional program based on REAL FOOD.

10-Steps to A Healthier Body

1) Cut your carbs. Atkins was right: Not all calories are equal. You get a real boost to your metabolism by keeping your total carb intake below 50-100 gm (not counting insoluble fiber) per day. Once you’ve got the weight off, you can increase your carb count to 100-150. But if you have ever been overweight, eating more than 100-150 gm of carbs per day (depending on your size) will put the weight back on again, slowly but surely. So your best bet it to learn low carb and make it a new way of life. (More info and FAQs HERE)

2) Avoid trans fats. Another metabolism-drag comes from trans fats, which damage fat processing enzymes to make you gain weight around your intestines. The lable can claim 0 gms of trans fat even when there is “secret trans” fat due to a loophole that only requires trans fat content be listed if there are more than .5 grams of trans fat per serving (as small as 1t) plus emulsifiers (‘glycerides’). To avoid trans fats, you must read the ingredients for all foods you buy (salad dressing, cereal, crackers, sauces, spreads) and avoid all of these “secret trans”-containing oils:

3) Do not buy low fat, low cholesterol, or fat free food alternatives such as egg-beaters, low-cholesterol spreads, skim milk, and low-fat ice creams.

4) Eat butter, eggs, cheese, and whole-milk. Studies show eating these foods improves HDL (good) cholesterol, bone health, brain health, and energy levels.

5) Eat vegetables with fat, salt, and an acid. This combination optimizes your body’s ability to absorb the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in greens.

6) Eat more vegetables that fruits. Fruits are better for you than candy for a treat, but they are a treat and you should eat 2- 3 servings of vegetables before you treat yourself to more fruit.

7) Learn to make bone broth. In order to exercise, you need to keep your joints in good shape. The number one miracle food for your joints and connective tissue (including bone) is bone broth because it contains compounds that act like growth hormones in these tissues.

8) Eat probiotic-rich foods. If your digestive system is crampy, gassy, bloaty, or otherwise making you not want to eat, when you do feel better you’ll be very tempted to treat yourself to something overly starchy or sweet. To keep your digestive system working smoothly, include probiotic-rich foods in your diet on a regular basis. The most popular probiotic-rich food in the US is yoghurt, and real pickles and sauerkraut are also great sources of digestive-boosting organisms.

9) Sleep. Your body will be exposed to excessive cortisol and pro-inflammatory hormones if you do not get enough sleep, and most people will do better with 8 hours than with the more-common 6-7 we sometimes have to deal with.

10) Exercise! Cross train by doing as many different types of activities as you can: Walk, Dance, Ski, Bike, Shovel your neighbor’s walk. It’s very difficult to keep weight off if you don’t exercise, so build it in to your schedule today, and start building a better body, better health, and a better you!"
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march 2018 by daguti
List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad –
I am going to call anything relating to Dr. Cate, Deep Nutrition or "The Human Diet" as Paleo (for tagging purposes), even though it's far from it.

This is the reference for what oils are good and bad.

This, along with the page listing toxic fats (, already bookmarked 2018-01-29) are the pages you should send to someone looking for info on getting started on this lifestyle.
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january 2018 by daguti
Deep Nutrition Made Simple: START HERE –
Summary of the recommendations made in the book "Deep Nutrition" that I have on Kindle. This is not Paleo, but it's along the same lines, with some allowances for things I like: butter, cheese, whole milk.

This, along with the page listing toxic fats (, already bookmarked 2018-01-30) are the pages you should send to someone looking for info on getting started on this lifestyle.
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january 2018 by daguti
The 4-Hour Body? Not So Much - Alexandra Samuel - Harvard Business Review
7 years later, and having read "Deep Nutrition", I can say taht Dr Log Dog is full of shit. Fruit MUST be limited. Carbs, MUST be limited.

"Dr. Low Dog also expressed some concern about “the very limited number of vegetables to choose from, the lack of fruit in the diet and the high intake of meat” since there’s “little reason to limit non-starchy vegetables, berries and apples,” and thought it was “unwise” to permanently remove whole grains from your diet. She also worried about women following his suggested two glasses of wine a day, due to the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer."
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march 2011 by daguti – Gorillas get svelte on low-sugar diet
I bookmarked this long before I knew of Dr Catherine Shanahan or Deep Nutrition, but 2018-03-26, I'm adding her tag and the Four Pillars tag, because this is exactly that.
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february 2011 by daguti

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