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Toyota Land Cruiser (J70) - Wikipedia
HZ and HJ is what I want. These are diesel engines. 2H diesel engine HJ75. 1HZ diesel engine HZJ70-79
toyota  diesel  truck  4x4  overland 
3 days ago by brianr
Toyota LiteAce - Wikipedia
4wd diesel versions of this van are being imported to the US and look like great RV travel options
diesel  japan  toyota 
10 days ago by brianr
Emergency crews successfully contain diesel fuel spill in Silverthorne
A small collision on Wildernest Road in Silverthorne nearly turned to disaster on Friday as gallons of diesel fuel flooded into the street in front of the 7-Eleven gas station.

Emergency crews from Summit Fire & EMS and the Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District were able to respond and clean the spill in time, preventing any combustion of the hazardous materials in front of the gas station and stopping the fuel from pouring into the Blue River or the sewer system.

At about 8:30 p.m. on Friday, crews from Summit Fire & EMS were engaged in fighting a small structure fire at the Chateau Claire Condominiums in Dillon when they received a call about a hazardous materials spill on Wildernest Road, near the Interstate 70 interchange and the main ingress towards the Wildernest and Mesa Cortina subdivisions, said Chief Jeff Berino.
us_CO  public  release  response  diesel 
11 days ago by dchas
Das ist als führen alle Stuttgarter gegen Korso.
Diesel  Fahrverbote  from twitter
24 days ago by springfeld
Man facing felony charges after major fuel spill in Montgomery...
HOUSTON - A man is facing felony charges after Montgomery County deputies followed a fuel slick for 4 miles. The culprit was a truck full of leaking fuel cans.

Hazmat crews and the Department of Public Safety have been sent to assess the roadway, ditches and neighborhood where the diesel was reported.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, calls started coming in regarding slick roads near State Highway 99 at Valley Ranch Parkway and FM 1314. When deputies followed the trail of spilled diesel into a neighborhood, they found a truck with fuel leaking out of the back, deputies said.

Officials discovered two plastic containers with 500-gallons of diesel that were still leaking and almost empty. The Texas Department of Transportation dispatched and an environmental service company to the spill.
us_TX  transportation  release  response  diesel  illegal 
26 days ago by dchas
Stainless Steel Exhaust - HDI Marine
Cast 316 Stainless Marine Exhaust Components - Engineered To Be Better.
marine  engineering  stainless  steel  components  diesel  engine  exhaust 
27 days ago by asaltydog

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