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Forvo: the pronunciation dictionary.
All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers.
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Page 273
Webster’s Second in the New York Times morgue.
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11 days ago by M.Leddy
Dictionary.com discreetly updates app permissions to spy on your phone
'free' educational apps as way to harvest personal data (location data, access to contacts, etc.)
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16 days ago by WBedutech
словарь Мультитран
For Russian to English translation, apparently recommended by professional translators.
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18 days ago by mpcasey
Pin Pin Chinese English Dictionary - A free, modern dictionary
A few things you'll love about about Pin Pin Chinese-English Dictionary
Designed with performance & usability in mind
Pin Pin Chinese English dictionary is a modern, clean, fast and efficient Chinese-English dictionary designed to make looking up terms quick without any extra clutter.
Extensive set of terms and example sentences
Several dictionaries are sourced to provide definitions for over 300,000 Chinese words and a collection of over 45,000 English and Chinese example sentences.
Wildcard search makes finding related words fast and easy
When studying Chinese, learning related words is one of the best ways to fully understand a character. We added wildcard search to make this process fast and easy.

Simply combine one or more wildcards with a Chinese character 你 ?
你呢好們我 The wildcard(s) will be replaced to match related words or phrases
Any of the following will be treated as wildcards: @ - _ ? * . %
Wildcards may be placed before, after, or in between other characters. Multiple wildcards can be combined to find chengyu, related words, and short phrases.

Automatic Chinese, Pinyin and English search detection
In order to make lookups as easy as possible, we've created a system smart enough to automatically determine if you are searching with English, Hanyu Pinyin, or Chinese.

EN English detected
Tap to override and use Chinese/Pinyin search
ZH Chinese or Pinyin detected
Tap to override and use English search
As you type, the search box will change between red (Chinese / Pinyin) and blue (English) to indicate the detected input-method.

Since some terms look the same in English and Pinyin (e.g. "women"), you can toggle the method by clicking on the red/blue box.
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18) For more fun with 's 16 languages, check out this
dictionary  indigenous  Taiwan  from twitter_favs
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