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Charles Dickens’Pets
But I think his strongest love, among animals, was for dogs. I find a delightful
anecdote told by him of a dog belonging to a lady whom he knew well, ”Of”, an
immense, black, good-humored, Newfoundland dog. He came from Oxford and
had lived all his life in a brewery. Instructions were given with him that if he were
let out every morning alone he would immediately find out the river, regularly taken
a swim and come gravely home again. This he did with the greatest punctuality, but
after a little while was observed to smell of beer. His owner was so sure that he
smelled of beer that she resolved to watch him. He was seen to come back from
his swim round the usual corner and to go up a fight of steps into a beer shop.
Being instantly followed, the beer shopkeeper is seen to take down a pot (pewter pot)
and is heard to say: ”Well, old chap, come up for your beer as usual, have you?”
Upon which he draws a pint and puts it down and the dog drinks it.
Being required to explain how this comes to pass the man says: ”Yes, ma´am.
I know he´s your dog, but I didn´t when he first came. He looked in, ma´am, as
a brickmaker might, and
he wagged his tail at the pots, and he giv a sniff round and conveyed to me as was
used to beer. So I draw´d him a drop, and he drunk it up. Next morning he came
again by the clock and I draw´d him a pint, and ever since he has took his pint reg´lar.”

Mamie Dickens: My Father as I recall Him
Chapter IV
E.P.Dutton & Co. New York 1897
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A Christmas Carol - Ignoranza e Miseria - YouTube
IGNORANZA & MISERIA --> devianza, criminalità & disagio, disturbo mentale
video  youtube  Dickens  Cantico_natale  disturbi_mentali  salutementale 
july 2018 by bbgianking
Cantico di Natale
Wikisource: Il Cantico di Natale di Charles Dickens - Traduzione di Federigo Verdinois
wiki  Dickens  Christmas  Christmas_Carrol 
november 2017 by luke.anto
A Christmas Carol
Wikisource: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
wiki  Dickens  Christmas  Christmas_Carrol 
november 2017 by luke.anto

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