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38 weeks/2015 | inktales
Notes from Sunandini’s sketchbook during her pregnancy.
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14 days ago by rasagy
Had a lunch for Susan Sarandon to interview her. She was so great. She’s a liberal, from a big family, an ex-hippie…
andy-warhol  warhol  diary  susan-sarandon  sarandon  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by levleviev
Cabbed to the Mayflower Hotel to interview Cher. She has a glamorous penthouse, like a two-story house on top, and…
cher  andy-warhol  warhol  interview  diary  photo  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by levleviev
Thoughts as nest eggs
- Thoughts aren't special, but writing them down is
- writing thoughts down generates more thoughts
- a 'nest egg' is a way of getting birds to lay more with a fake egg.
diary  journaling  writing  thoughts  henry-david-thoreau 
12 weeks ago by sjmarshy

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