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Theme park ride based on Princess Diana's fatal crash opens tomorrow - Devon Live
i mean it doesn't quite sound like a 'ride' tbf. but yes, ballardian.
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may 2019 by diasyrmus
A Very Different Engagement: The Cult of Diana’s Virginity | Vanity Fair
Reflecting a media preoccupation at the time of Charles’s engagement, Tina Brown’s biography The Diana Chronicles addresses Diana’s virginity in almost unsettling detail. Brown suggests that Queen Elizabeth chose—or heavily suggested—Diana for her son because the clock was ticking, and young Diana was irresistibly innocent: only 19, with no prior beaux to sell their steamy stories to the tabloids. Nevertheless, the public was fixated on her virginity, or possible lack thereof. Brown writes that the matter “developed a life of its own” after the so-called “Love Train” incident in November 1980, when tabloids reported that Diana had had two late-night meetings with Prince Charles on the Royal Train in Wiltshire.
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may 2019 by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Will the Queen lend Meghan Markle a tiara for her wedding, and which tiara will it be?
The ring switch/snag has been discussed on multiple forums for almost 8 years now. After Diana’s death, William picked first and picked the watch, Harry picked second and chose the ring. Burrell told the tale in his book published years before W&K got engaged. Harry surprised on video when watching the press conference, not knowing William had snagged the ring. Only places I’ve read an alternate version are on Kate fan blogs.
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may 2019 by timberwolfoz
Interview - James Whitaker | Princess And The Press | FRONTLINE | PBS
a:  I think Diana was different to the others because she became clearly a serious contender to become the Princess of Wales. I took a decision, and I think some of my colleagues did most of whom are no longer writing on the Royals, that she was a pretty suitable person to become the Princess of Wales. Retrospectively, of course, it's not true. It was a disaster but I wanted to encourage the relationship.

I will always believe that the newspaper coverage that she received in the romance that went on with Charles I am convinced helped the Prince decide to ask Diana to marry him. I think we were a big influence on it. So I would counsel Diana, who I thought and still do think, I think she's immensely tricky but I think she is delightful. Yes, I think anybody who meets her falls a little bit in love with her.

I just didn't want this romance to go wrong. I wanted her to marry him because I thought it would be good for everybody and she was delightful. She was immensely flirtatious. You know she would do the bit down and then look up like that and she was charming and she did definitely seduce the media that were with her. I think she thought it was important. I think when her romance was going on with Charles, she didn't just have to convince him that she was the correct one, she had to seduce others. A very important one was the Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales. She needed him on his side. I don't think she particularly liked him but she got him on side.
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may 2019 by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Meghan Markle dumped her first husband by mail, she sent her wedding ring to him
I’m not here to re-litigate Charles OR Diana.

Only to point out that this particular book was / is a hagiography and was deliberately designed that way. Diana herself regretted this book.

You want a good book about Diana? One that isn’t a hagiography? How about Tina Brown’s book or Sarah Bradford’s book.
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may 2019 by timberwolfoz
How Meghan Markle Has Been Influenced by Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy
Meghan’s secret visit to the Grenfell Tower fire victims echoed Diana’s private late night visit to the homeless during her own life. In the aftermath of the fire, Meghan made regular pilgrimages to see the women affected by the tragedy, later creating a cookbook. That book's proceeds helped keep the Hubb Community Kitchen open seven days a week.
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april 2019 by timberwolfoz
Inside a royal rift: what's really going on with William and Harry?
The late princess made no secret of the fact that she lavished attention on Harry to make sure he didn’t feel overshadowed by William.

“I have to,” she once told a friend. “Charles and I worked so hard to ensure both boys receive equal amounts of our time and love; others in the family seem to concentrate on William.”

As a child, Harry reportedly complained to his mother “it’s not fair” that William was “made a fuss over” when visiting their great-grandmother - so much so that Diana was forced to confront the Queen Mother over her alleged favouritism.
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april 2019 by timberwolfoz
The princess myth: Hilary Mantel on Diana | Books | The Guardian
In the TV broadcast last month, Prince William said, “We won’t be doing this again. We won’t speak openly or publicly about her again …” When her broken body was laid to rest on a private island, it was a conscious and perhaps superfluous attempt to embed her in national myth. No commemorative scheme has proved equal or, you might think, necessary. She is like John Keats, but more photogenic: “Here lies one whose name was writ in water.” If Diana is present now, it is in what flows and is mutable, what waxes and wanes, what cannot be fixed, measured, confined, is not time-bound and so renders anniversaries obsolete: and therefore, possibly, not dead at all, but slid into the Alma tunnel to re-emerge in the autumn of 1997, collar turned up, long feet like blades carving through the rain.
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february 2019 by timberwolfoz
Futurist Frank Diana Names X “Book Of The Week”
Futurist Frank Diana names X “Book of the Week”:

Excerpt: The book of the week for the week of January 14th is X: The Experience when Business meets Design by @briansolis. Find this and other great books in my book library…
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january 2019 by briansolis

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