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So Long, Yinz: Why Midwestern City Accents Are Fading - CityLab
"The same linguistic leavening has been occurring in Pittsburgh, another city that once boasted a robust steel industry and a much-parodied local accent. Pittsburghese developed among immigrant steelworkers from Poland, Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia. Derisively called 'Polacks' and 'Hunkies' by Old Stock Americans, they sought a language and identity that would provide solidarity against nativist prejudice. This was reinforced by the labor struggles of the 1930s and ’40s, which inspired previously competitive ethnic groups to band together for economic advancement."

"Pittsburghese was a dialect formed in a melting pot of languages. To traditional Scots-Irish phrases such as 'jag' for thorn and 'redd up' for clean were added 'babushka' and 'pierogi.' Pittsburghers who worked in the mills and drank Arn City beer while rooting for their Stillers were known as 'Yinzers,' after the city’s unique second-person plural: 'yinz,' a contraction of the Scots-Irish 'you uns.'"
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11 days ago by actualitems
北海道弁「押ささる」は便利すぎるので標準語にするべき #北海道あるある - yumulog | 社会人博士の日記


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12 weeks ago by incep
RT : These may specifically be part of the rules for an RPG, but I think they're probably rules for life.
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december 2017 by tante
These may specifically be part of the rules for an RPG, but I think they're probably rules for life.
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december 2017 by mildlydiverting

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