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RT : These may specifically be part of the rules for an RPG, but I think they're probably rules for life.
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These may specifically be part of the rules for an RPG, but I think they're probably rules for life.
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Diphthongization in the Malmö dialect | Bruce | Working Papers in Linguistics
The dialect under examination in the present study constitutes a part of the Scanian dialect ("skånska"), the kind of Swedish used in the very south of Sweden. Malmö is the principal town of the province of Scania ("Skåne") with about 250 000 inhabitants, i.e. one fourth of the population of Scania. Scanian itself exhibits in certain important respects phonetic characteristics quite different from those of Standard Swedish. This is in part due to the fact that the province is former Danish territory and only in the 17th century - after the conquest of Scania by Sweden -. did Swedish become the official language
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