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LabCorp: 7.7 Million Consumers Hit in Collections Firm Breach
"My guess is we will soon hear about many other companies and millions more consumers impacted by this breach at the AMCA. Certainly, companies like Quest and LabCorp. have a duty to ensure contractors are properly safeguarding their patients’ personal, medical and financial information.

But this AMCA incident is the latest example of a breach at a little-known company that nevertheless holds vast quantities of sensitive data that was being shared or stored in ways that were beyond the control of affected consumers."
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13 days ago by jonerp
Ben Langmuir on Twitter: "@dmartincy If you're using the logging only to find compiler arguments and see diagnostics, there's an easier way. defaults write https://t.co/uaX9il5BRK.dt.Xcode IDEIndexShowLog YES, then open the Report Navigator in Xcode and l
Daniel Martín
May 29
No code completion in Xcode? Do you see <<error type>> everywhere? I’ve written about a way to approach and fix Xcode problems with your projects:

How Xcode Indexing Works and How You Can Fix IDE Problems with Your Projects | Inside PSPDFKit
This post provides an overview of how the code assistance feature in Xcode works and how you can debug code assistance problems in your projects.

Ben Langmuir
Replying to
If you're using the logging only to find compiler arguments and see diagnostics, there's an easier way. defaults write (link: http://com.apple) com.apple.dt.Xcode IDEIndexShowLog YES, then open the Report Navigator in Xcode and look for the Index log.
xcode  compiler  diagnostics 
17 days ago by zoe
Azure Diagnostic Logs supported services and schemas | Microsoft Docs
Understand the supported services and event schema for Azure Diagnostic Logs.
azure  monitoring  diagnostics  cloud  microsoft 
18 days ago by geekzter

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