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How To: Gathering Diagnostics for StorageCraft Support
This article outlines how to gather and send machine diagnostics to StorageCraft Support for use in a support case.
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13 days ago by jgear
USB Sniffer-Protocol Analyzer: Software USB Port Data Monitor 4 Windows
HHD USB Port Monitor - Nonintrusive software USB sniffer, protocol analyzer and device data logger application for Windows platform
software  usb  diagnostic 
11 weeks ago by squires
DIY Vein Finder Shows you Where to Stick It
, [Alex] designed this 3D printed vein finder to help his wife girlfriend out at work. The LEDs are the key to this device. The deoxygenated blood in the veins absorbs light, which makes the veins appear as dark lines on the skin. [Alex] found that it takes 15 11 LEDs between 620 nm and 680 nm. The LEDs also need to have the proper brightness. Less than 4000 mcd won’t be bright enough. More than 6000 mcd will blinding to the user. A few current limiting resistors, a switch, and the electronic design was done.

The case took several revisions to get right. Veinlite uses a C shape, which allows the IV needle to be passed through the slot and inserted in the lite field. [Alex] was able to clone this design in his own vein finder.
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march 2019 by cyberchucktx

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