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The Role of Vitamin D and Calcium in type 2 diabetes
does calcium deficiency impair glucose and insulin levels? Likely.
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Bowel cancer screening could shed light on other conditions - BBC News
The 2,714 patients with a positive result had a 58% higher risk of death from other conditions.

Having a positive result was significantly associated with increased risk of dying from circulatory disease, respiratory disease, digestive diseases excluding bowel cancer, neuropsychological disease, blood and endocrine disease.
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Glycemic Control in Nonpregnant Adults With Type 2 Diabetes | Guidelines | JAMA | JAMA Network
In the United States, type 2 diabetes affects 30 million people and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality.1 Glycemic control has been shown to reduce diabetes complications, particularly for microvascular disease.2,3 However, increasing recognition of adverse events due to intensive diabetes treatments has prompted major disagreements about optimal glycemic targets.
glycemic  control  tight  management  glucose  complications  late-stage  symptoms  risk  mitigation  prevention  microvascular  diabetes  type  2  T2D 
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New leadership, same old problems - BBC News
new money won't be seen till next year, new winter crisis is coming for sure, and the wait lists will get even longer. - Health think tanks argue that the 3.4% is really only enough to cope with rising demand, never mind improving care.

Hospital sources point out that the new money won't come to the NHS until next year.

Nothing extra so far has been allocated for this winter and the intense pressure seen in the first months of this year is likely to be repeated.

There is every chance that waiting lists for routine surgery will get longer and accident and emergency performance won't get better.

Even with the £6bn cash boost next year, there are warnings that there won't be any rapid improvement. His instincts will be to tell the service to get on with job with the money it has. But that conviction will be tested in the depths of winter if hospitals are struggling to cope. [...] Also plays with part-privatisation of Elderly Care - asking people to take out a private insurance ... or lose their home ...
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Sperm quality improved by adding nuts to diet, study says - BBC News
The study comes amid a decline in sperm counts across the Western world, linked to pollution, smoking and diet.

Researchers said there was growing evidence a healthy diet could boost the odds of conceiving.
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