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NHS faces even worse winter crisis than last year, watchdog warns | Society | The Guardian
In an update on how the NHS in England performed between July and September, NHSI said hospitals did not succeed in freeing up the target of 2,000-3,000 beds by September, which would have helped them cope with the extra winter demand.

NHS leaders and the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, told hospitals in the spring that they needed to reduce the number of beds occupied due to “delayed transfers of care” – patients who are fit to leave but cannot safely be discharged – to 3.5% of their total number by September. But 5% of beds are still occupied with such cases, NHSI said.
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Lincolnshire NHS enforces three-month wait for surgery | Society | The Guardian
The commonest non-urgent operations hospitals perform include removal of cataracts, replacement of a worn-out hip or knee and the repair of a hernia. << hernia - obesity/overweight + weak muscles in old age.
NHS  Austerity  healthcare  demand  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  CEP  CCG  STP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  ageing  demographic  bubble  premature  CVD  diet  lifestyle  diabetes  obesity  overweight  UK  public  health  prevention  elective  surgery  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  adult  elderly  social  care 
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A fasting-diet may trigger regeneration of a diabetic pancreas | Ars Technica
"In mice with either type I or type 2 diabetes, an intense, four-day fasting diet seemed to regenerate pancreas cells and restore insulin production. Experts warn that trying out the diet could trigger dangerous complications in diabetic patients.

The mice were given a low-calorie, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet for four days. On the first day, the mice could only eat 50 percent of their normal calorie intake. For the remaining three days, the mice ate just 10 percent. Next, they got up to 10 days of normal eating, which allowed them to regain lost weight, before another four-day fast. The mice went through this cycle three times."
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Emotional toll of diabetes 'needs more recognition' - BBC News
Three in five said their condition made them feel down. [...] The number of people diagnosed with diabetes - type 1 and type 2 - is on the rise.
According to Diabetes UK, about 700 people are diagnosed every day.
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