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juxt/clip: Light structure and support for dependency injection
Light structure and support for dependency injection - juxt/clip
clojure  di  dependency  component  injection  mount 
27 days ago by fmjrey
Is Facebook primed for disruption? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
My reasoning is that Facebook has so much power, money, technology and engineering resources that it had the ability to re-invent themselves, and even replace themselves in the future. At the time, it was hard to imagine Facebook faltering.
is  facebook  primed  for  di 
5 weeks ago by marshallk
Motif - Dimple DI API for Android / Java
A DI library that offers a simple API optimized for nested scopes. Under the hood it generates Dagger code. By Uber.
Android  DI  IoC  opensource  Java  Kotlin 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
Di Próspero
Di Próspero Advogado trabalhista em São Paulo na Barra Funda
Di  Próspero  prospero 
september 2019 by magoseo
Di Próspero
Di Próspero Advogado trabalhista na Barra Funda em São Paulo
Di  Próspero  prospero 
september 2019 by magoseo

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