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I've assigned it for my grad course, will it still be up in a few weeks? And if only e…
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RT : [Please RT] Just a reminder to get your nominations in for Awards 2018. Openly nominated, openly voted,…
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Sustaining DH Workshop
The ongoing sustainability of digital humanities projects is of critical concern to archivists, librarians, and digital humanities practitioners alike. This NEH ODH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, which will take place at five locations scattered across the United States, is designed to help such professionals create sustainability plans and address preservation concerns at any point in the life of a digital humanities project.

Oklahoma State University
Workshop Date: February 28-March 1, 2019
Call for Regional Participation Released: January 7, 2019
Deadline for Applications: January 24, 2019
Date of Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2019
Bursaries: Up to $1,000 available to cover travel and lodging for each out-of-town participant.
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4 days ago by asandersgarcia
Apply Now! Documenting Global Voices Program
Documenting Global Voices (DGV) is a granting program that enables organizations holding at-risk materials as well as faculty, researchers, and cultural heritage specialists to digitize analog materials or to collect and make accessible existing digital assets. All the digital files will be publicly accessible via a UCLA Library-hosted website. Applications due by Jan. 15.

Content scope includes rare and unique materials from the 19th century to the present of historical, cultural, and social significance from regions with limited resources for archival preservation.
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4 days ago by asandersgarcia
I can't wait to stuck into this.

[P.S. I see signs as a community is starting to mature.]
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4 days ago by joegermuska
Digital Art History Teaching Resources
Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR) is a web-based platform that connects a diverse field of educators in art history, visual culture, and related fields. Begun in 2013 as a peer-populated resource to improve art historical instruction and raise the profile of teaching in the discipline,  AHTR provides an evolving repository of adaptable lesson plans; a weekly blog of shared assignments, teaching ideas, and reflective essays; and publication of Art History Pedagogy and Practice, the only peer-reviewed journal devoted to scholarship of teaching and learning in art history.
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6 days ago by asandersgarcia
Registration Open for Digital Editions Online Class
Digital Editions, Start to Finish

This class teaches faculty, staff, and students how to create a digital edition, from start to finish.  Attendees will bring documents of all types (prose, poetry, drama, letters, and records), in plain text, Word, or some other word-processing format, and will learn how to encode them using guidelines from the Text Encoding Initiative (http://www.tei-c.org ), and then will learn how to transform these texts using eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLTs) into web pages for online display of their digital editions.  No prior coding skills are required: we begin by explaining what all these codes are and why they are used, as well as teaching them to novices.  Two weeks’ classes will be spent workshopping on students own digital editions, with plenty of time for questions and help from the webinar conveners.
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6 days ago by asandersgarcia
an all-librarian panel at talking about collaborative research and teaching projects in -- all the examp…
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RT : 'Participation in ' is now out!

An article based on research I led for the…
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13 days ago by shawnday
This is truly awesome, you can go from a google spreadsheet to an app you are proud of in seconds! Google spreadsheet acting as a database is super smart, I bet that becomes a trend :) https://t.co/DQS2bfiycf

— jessie frazelle 👩🏼‍🚀 (@jessfraz) December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018 at 04:53AM
15 days ago by aelang

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