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RT : At we ask, why is citational erasure of (Black) digital projects important?

1. it treats archives…
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Editorial Opportunities with dh+lib ← dh+lib
dh+lib is looking for four new editors to join our editorial team. Each editorial appointment will be for a term of two years with options for renewal.

Candidates should submit a letter expressing their interest and their qualifications to dhandlib.acrl@gmail.com by November 7 for consideration.
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yesterday by asandersgarcia
Publication: The Middle East Digital Humanities Digest
This blog is created and managed by the American University in Cairo library's Digital Humanities Program. It is conceived as an open space for digital humanists, librarians, scholars, and researchers working in or on Egypt and the Middle East to share their respective projects and discuss any ideas and tools regarding digital humanities. Please feel free to subscribe, post and share the link of the blog with all interested digital humanists, librarians, scholars, and researchers.
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yesterday by asandersgarcia
Conference: New York Digital Humanities Symposium – University at Buffalo|December 1, 2018
The goals of this conference are to form a sustained digital humanities working group within the SUNY system and to facilitate communication and collaboration more broadly across New York state and its regions. We believe the SUNY system could serve as a backbone for greater exchange between DH efforts across New York institutions and hope our conference can begin the dialogue on how we might proceed toward building such connections and the infrastructures to sustain them.
This free event is intended as the first of these collaborative efforts, and is being co-coordinated by faculty from two SUNY campuses. We look forward to connecting with others from the New York area whose work falls within any area of the digital humanities or related fields, whether as a researcher, teacher, academic staff, or other professional. In addition to proposals for inter-campus collaboration, the symposium will also offer a chance for us to take a survey of the exciting projects and pedagogy taking place across the state, including recent work and project still in early development. Following the conference, findings from our conversations will be collected and shared.
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yesterday by asandersgarcia
Job: Digital Humanities Librarian | Illinois University
The University Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is seeking a creative, innovative, collaborative, and intellectually curious individual to lead digital humanities services in the Library.  The successful candidate will contribute to engaged, inclusive digital scholarship across campus.  We encourage applicants who are committed to the principle that a diverse community enhances our institution and who will help the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign achieve new levels of excellence by fostering and sustaining our diverse and inclusive academic environment.
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Class doing a mini wikipedia edit-a-thon this morning! Thanks to for leading! Sympathetic history s…
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Editors’ Choice: Ctrl Alt Delete – Aleia Brown Digital Dialogues Presentation – Digital Humanities Now
@Real_Person_DH: RT @throughthe_veil: Editors’ Choice: Ctrl Alt Delete – Aleia Brown Digital Dialogues Presentation – Digital Humanities Now https://t.co/iDYNDSClx1 @dhatcc: New from @dhnow:Editors’ Choice: Ctrl Alt Delete – Aleia Brown Digital Dialogues Presentation https://t.co/efXVX8lKKW #dhatcc #dh … https://t.co/iDYNDSClx1
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2 days ago by asandersgarcia
A simple, helpful thread on why you gotta know your data before making big, see-how-culture-changed-because-the-line-went-down claims. And this particular example...a guy who just gave a named lecture here at UVA talking about declining use of “religious & spiritual” language. https://t.co/mldSVaoJir

— chad wellmon (@cwellmon) October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018 at 04:42AM
2 days ago by aelang
Hyperlocal Histories and Digital Collections (DLF Forum 2018 talk) – Jim McGrath, PhD
@throughthe_veil: Hyperlocal Histories and Digital Collections (DLF Forum 2018 talk) – Jim McGrath, PhD https://t.co/bcNGSKI3Gt @TheStudio_UI: .@dhnow Editors' Choice: Hyperlocal Histories and Digital Collections https://t.co/tzVNitqdi0 https://t.co/tzVNitqdi0 #DH https://t.co/bcNGSKI3Gt
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RESOURCE: Charles Harpur Critical Archive
The CHCA is a digital archive and a scholarly edition of the poetic works and letters of Charles Harpur (1813–1868), the most important poet of colonial New South Wales. A Romantic celebrator of Australian landscape, an early environmentalist, a political satirist and love poet Harpur and his works remain vitally alive today. But they have not been easily accessible.
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4 days ago by asandersgarcia
Job: Part-time and Temporary Lecturer in Digital Humanities (JPF04133) - UCLA Academic RECRUIT
The Digital Humanities Program at UCLA seeks applications for part-time and temporary Lecturer positions for the 2018-2019 academic year. Pending approval of funding, late or unexpected openings do become available. Applications will be kept on file for these occasions.

Responsibilities including teaching advanced topics in Digital Humanities using either programming languages (such as Python) with an emphasis on object-oriented programming to scrape and analyze data, or using media tools to develop content for digital storytelling, mobile apps, and other web-enabled devices. Classes also involve regularly scheduled office hours to consult with students, and offer technical support.
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5 days ago by asandersgarcia
JOB: Asst Prof of Critical Theory | University of FLO
The Department of English at the University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, invites applications for a full-time nine-month tenure-track position at the level of Assistant Professor to begin August 16, 2019. Specialization: Critical theory, with an additional emphasis in English-language modernist and/or contemporary literatures.
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6 days ago by asandersgarcia
JOB: Asst Prof in Writing Studies/Digital Writing | University of FL
The Department of English at the University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites applications for two full-time, nine-month, tenure-accruing positions at the rank of Assistant Professor, beginning August 16, 2019. Specialization: Writing Studies/Digital Writing, with an additional emphasis in cultural rhetorics. Successful candidates will be those whose research programs integrate with, strengthen, and diversify the Department’s interdisciplinary Trace initiative. Successful candidates’ primary research areas should address one or more of the following: digital rhetoric, digital writing, new media, digital media, locative media, network/ecological writing theories, mobile technologies, ubiquitous computing, virtual reality, augmented reality, emerging technologies, immersive technologies, multimodal writing, digital literacy, digital creativity, or related areas. The Department is specifically interested in candidates who frame such research within contexts of cultural rhetorics, including, but not limited to questions of: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, decoloniality, transnationality, gender, sexuality, and/or disability as these articulate in historical, contemporary, and emerging technological contexts. Ideal candidates’ work should incorporate digital making, as well.
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6 days ago by asandersgarcia
JOB: DH Research Project Coordinator | The Ohio State University
The successful candidate will serve as a primary point of contact and project coordinator for the sponsored research projects under development by ASC Technology Services. This is a 12-month (40-hour/week) position. The project manager will dedicate 50% time to the American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP), a multi-year religious studies initiative that includes a sonic digital archive, community engagement workshops, and a multi-modal digital platform for exhibition and research and 50% time to overseeing and supporting the development of other digital research projects across the college. Demonstrated proficiency/fluency with one or more methods commonly used in digital humanities projects (e.g., social network analysis, text encoding, database design and development, textual mapping, GIS, data visualization, sentiment analytics, topic modeling).
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6 days ago by asandersgarcia
Lorentz Center - Art Histories and Big Data from 15 Oct 2018 through 18 Oct 2018
This is a 4-day workshop from Monday the 15th of October to Thursday 18th of October 2018. A small group of invited participants will stay until Friday 19th of October 2018. Workshop lectures are open to anyone interested. via Pocket
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7 days ago by kintopp
CFP: Internet history conference | H-Sci-Med-Tech | H-Net
Call for proposals to present and publish:
"Revisiting 'Realizing the Information Future: The Internet and Beyond,' the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
A cross-disciplinary symposium organized by Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Hamline University
Friday, March 29, 2019
Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota
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9 days ago by asandersgarcia
Enslaved People in Eighteenth-century Britain: An Interview with Nelson Mundell – AAIHS
@redz041: RT @TheStudio_UI: .@dhnow Editors’ Choice: Enslaved People in Eighteenth-century Britain – An Interview with Nelson Mundell https://t.co/QhfA7Ergj1 via @BlkPerspectives https://t.co/QhfA7Ergj1
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