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CFP: History and Text Analysis (Jan 17-19, Paris)
"Nowadays, text analysis is regaining momentum thanks to text mining, which can help with sorting the massive amounts of textual data produced by the digitalization of sources (such as the project Corpus of the Bibliothèque nationale de France – Moiraghi 2018). The aim of this conference is to understand the current uses of computational and statistical text analysis in history, at a time where the intellectual, social and technical context is changing. Several questions can be raised to better assess their use and their contribution to history." Proposals by June 22.
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yesterday by miriamposner
Job: Postdoctoral Researcher in Ethics and Digital Technologies, University of Oxford
"The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) of the University of Oxford is seeking to appoint two Postdoctoral Researchers. These positions provide an exciting opportunity to contribute the research of the Digital Ethics Lab (DELab) of the OII. Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant discipline, such as philosophy (e.g., philosophy of technology, ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of law), law, security studies, STS, and other social science disciplines (e.g., economics, international relations), or a mathematical science (e.g., computer science, data science). Excellent writing, presentation abilities, and analytical skills are required." Apply by June 11.
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yesterday by miriamposner
CFP: Digital Hermeneutics in History: Theory and Practice (U of Luxembourg, Oct. 25-26)
"The conference and workshop will revolve around the concept of “digital hermeneutics”, defined as the critical and self-reflexive use of digital tools and technologies for the development of new research questions, the testing of analytical assumptions and the production of sophisticated scientific interpretations." Proposals by June 15.
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yesterday by miriamposner
Job: Digital Technologies Librarian, Hamilton College
"We seek a collaborative, creative, strategic thinker to join LITS in the role of Digital Technologies Librarian to help support our ambitious initiatives. The incumbent will work alongside diverse faculty, student, librarian, and IT colleagues across campus and within open-source communities on projects that advance research, teaching, and learning." Job posted April 13.
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yesterday by miriamposner
Institutional History Research Specialist, Dartmouth College
Under the supervision of the Special Collections Education and Outreach Librarian, the Institutional History Research Specialist is responsible for overseeing Rauner’s contribution to Dartmouth College’s Inclusive Excellence initiative by managing the Rauner Student Research Fellows program, supervising student research interns, and developing a publicly-accessible web-based product that incorporates the students’ research. The position will also provide basic research support in the reading room and for specialized projects related to Dartmouth history.
4 days ago by miriamposner
Research & Instruction Librarian, RISD
In this entry-level position, the Librarian will work with a community of librarians to engage in research, reference, collection development, and instruction. We are seeking a colleague who has demonstrated (in scholarship, community engagement, education, or practice) creativity and curiosity within the field of librarianship. The Librarian will work collaboratively to shape and implement multiple literacy practices within the library and on campus. In this capacity, the Librarian will have an affinity for, experience in, and/or an articulated understanding of broad interrelated and creative thinking about art and design information and practice.
4 days ago by miriamposner
Introduction to Digital Humanities | Concepts, Methods, and Tutorials for Students and Instructors
Based on the Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH101) course at UCLA, taught by Johanna Drucker (with David Kim) in 2011 and 2012, this online coursebook (and related collection of resources) is meant to provide introductory materials to digital approaches relevant to a wide range of disciplines. The lessons and tutorials assume no prior knowledge or experience and are meant to introduce fundamental skills and critical issues in digital humanities.
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4 days ago by jerid.francom
BigDIVA (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) is a dynamic environment for browsing, searching, and interacting with the ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) catalog.This interface allows users to view all their search results at once rather than paging through endless lists of returns and hoping the search engine has put the most relevant items towards the top.
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4 days ago by jerid.francom
CFP: The Art Museum in the Digital Age (Wien, 10-11 Jan 19) - ArtHist.net: Network for Art History / Archive
Digital tools, techniques, and methods have become indispensable in a museum’s daily routine. Under the topos of the actuality of the digital, our two-day event gathers contributions which, taking into account the historical genesis of art museums, reflect mainly – but not exclusively – on the following topics and questions: Institution & Strategy, Communication & Public, Object & Space.

We look forward to your paper proposals in the fields of museum practice / museology, art and cultural history, media studies and digital humanities. Please submit your abstracts for a 20-25 minutes presentation in German or English (250 words maximum), including short biography and full contact information, by July 31, 2018 to: j.aufreiter@belvedere.at
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5 days ago by asandersgarcia
RT : If you are interested in and linked data do try to come along to Big Ideas seminar tomorrow.…
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6 days ago by wragge
Worldline to buy SIX Payment Services for $2.75bn
DH QUOTE This is big news in European payments. It has long been speculated that we will eventually see around three dominant payment processors in Europe but the whittling down process has been slow. Despite the favourable regulation which removes barriers, it remains difficult to set up shop and grow market share in a new country. With this deal, we could be seeing the creation of the first of these super-players in the region."
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7 days ago by lafgrp
How Not to Teach Digital Humanities · Ryan Cordell
with the assumption that we'll lose the "digital" within a few years, once practices that seem innovative today become the ordinary methods of scholarship.
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8 days ago by dtatem
NYPL Map Warper
Welcome! The NYPL Map Warper is a participatory site where you can discover, georeference, and export objects from The New York Public Library's historical map collection. You can help the NYPL by digitally aligning ("rectifying") historical maps to a contemporary base map. You can also download the georeferenced image in a number of formats including KML, WMS, and Tiles.
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8 days ago by jerid.francom

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