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Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
According to this older thread (from 2017), the Dallas Makerspace at one point had ASL classes?
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8 weeks ago by handcoding
Classes - Deaf Action Center - Dallas, Texas
This page ostensibly has some information about ASL classes in Dallas—“ASL 101 classes will begin on November 5th”—but it’s really hard to tell when this page was last updated.
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8 weeks ago by handcoding
John Updike, Champion Literary Phallocrat, Drops One; Is This Finally the End for Magnificent Narcissists? | Observer
He persists in the bizarre adolescent idea that getting to have sex with whomever one wants whenever one wants is a cure for ontological despair. And so, it appears, does Mr. Updike -- he makes it plain that he views the narrator’s impotence as catastrophic, as the ultimate symbol of death itself, and he clearly wants us to mourn it as much as Turnbull does. I’m not especially offended by this attitude; I mostly just don’t get it. Erect or flaccid, Ben Turnbull’s unhappiness is obvious right from the book’s first page. But it never once occurs to him that the reason he’s so unhappy is that he’s an asshole.
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10 weeks ago by mookieproof
David Foster Wallace’s Pen Pal
Photo © Giovanni Giovannetti/Effigie On the morning of January 12, 2010, Susan Barnett and Greg Delisle said goodbye to their three dogs, closed the door of…
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august 2019 by fogus
David Foster Wallace’s Pen Pal
But in his next letter, dated February 17, 2007, he abruptly cuts off the correspondence. “For complicated reasons that have nothing to do with you or anything you’ve done, I have to stop corresponding with you,” he writes. “This makes me sad; I have enjoyed your letters/cards/excerpts/drawings a lot, and I’m grateful to you for them.”

Whipsawed, Susan was inconsolable. “My best woman friend, in trying to console me, said, ‘Doesn’t he understand that she’s just his wife for right now but you’re his forever pen pal?’ ”

The letters were soaked by water and singed by smoke, but they were intact. When Greg delivered them to Susan, she wept. “For them to have burned would have felt like Dave dying all over again,” she said.
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august 2019 by craniac
Hey fellow fans, I'm in Portland and found this treasure trove
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july 2019 by normd
Ok pals, it's over, I'm done with my fifth annual spring reading of 's you non-fans can unmute me now 🤣 (i…
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june 2019 by danmanchester
Middle-Aged Moralists – Snakes and Ladders
Lewis warns his listeners against the power of what he calls the “Inner Ring” — the desire to belong to a certain admirable group, to be allowed to sit at the cool kids’ table — because he believes that, among all our desires, that one is the most likely to make un-wicked people do wicked things.

Jobs also warns his listeners, but warns them not to allow Death, when he knocks on their door, to find them “living someone else’s life.” Lewis points to the dangers of letting the desire to belong make you a “scoundrel,” and while Jobs too thinks others can endanger us, he frames that danger very differently: “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
steve_jobs  cs_lewis  dfw  graduation_speech_unit  society  advice 
may 2019 by lukeneff
David Foster Wallace, Mary Karr, & the Tyranny of Genius - The Atlantic
These dynamics are unavoidably at play when Mary Karr, the famous and celebrated writer, reminds the world of Wallace’s behavior toward her—reminds the world, indeed, that it needed the reminding in the first place. The horror stories had simply been subsumed into the broader story (the “greater good”) of Wallace’s personal genius: as evidence of his uncontainable passion, of the singular depth of his wanting. He wore his trademark bandana, he once said, not only to keep perspiration at bay, but also because “I’m just kind of worried my head’s gonna explode”; there is a certain romance to the admission.
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may 2019 by ryelee
Dallas Cat Cafe @ Cat Connection in Dallas | GuideLive
(It looks like “summer” in this context is roughly April through August.)
“Visit the Cat Cafe at Cat Connection to spend quality time with adoptable felines in a relaxed and informal setting. Enjoy complimentary Lovecup Coffee and treats, enter to win awesome cat stuff and meet special guest and internet celebricat Sauerkraut Kitty.

“The Cat Connection hosts pop-ups once a month throughout the summer. Here’s the schedule.”
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april 2019 by handcoding
Contact/Hours — TheCasualCatCafe
This looks to be a potential DFW cat cafe, but they’re also 30 mins / 29.6 miles from home.
dallas  dfw  cats  cafes  2019 
april 2019 by handcoding

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