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GitHub - tkotani/ecalj: The quasiparticle self-consistent GW method in the PMT method (LAPW LMTO Lo). See the README.md; [github.com]
The quasiparticle self-consistent GW method in the PMT method (LAPW LMTO Lo). See the README.md; - tkotani/ecalj
february 2019 by ddffnn
Introduction to the Fourier Transform
Basic but visual intro to fourier transform on images (with good observations from why this is the case)
coink  dft  image  processing 
may 2018 by paunit
Questaal Home
Official site for Mark's TB-LMTO-ASA suite.
Physics  Quantum_Mechanics  transport  simulation  DFT  abinitio 
april 2018 by jkglasbrenner
Micromagnetics simulation software
DFT  Physics  magnetism  simulation 
april 2018 by jkglasbrenner

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