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"Windows logging Cheat Sheet", "Splunk Logging Cheat Sheet"
Windows  Security  Registry  Powershell  Forensics  SIEM  Splunk  ThreatHunting  DFIR  CheatSheet 
12 days ago by snkhan
RT : Look at what came in the mail today. Thanks to for teaching.
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12 days ago by johnnysmart
giving an insight talk on malicious USB devices at Be careful what you p…
USB  malware  PFIC2018  DFIR  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by johnnysmart
Airtable - APT Groups and Operations
Explore the "APT Groups and Operations" base on Airtable.
APT  Malware  Cyber  DFIR  Reference 
24 days ago by snkhan
Best pCap Tools
monitoring: nload, lftop, jnettop, iptraf, nethogs, bmon, slurm, tcptrack, vnstat, bwm-ng, speedometer, pkstat, netwatch, trafshow, lfstat, dstat, collectl
capture: libpcap/tcpdump, ngrep, ttt, n2disk, pf_ring, jnetpcap,
analysis: tcpsplit, tcpflow, tcpreplay, tcpstat, tcpslice, tcpdpriv, pcap2har (to HTTP archive files), ntop, coralreef, xplot, multitail, netsniff-ng, ntopng
file extract: xplico, justniffer, networkminer, tcpxtract, foremost, dsniff, chaosreader, tcpick
pcap  networking  cybersecurity  monitoring  dfir  tools  software 
27 days ago by bwiese
GitHub - log2timeline/plaso: Super timeline all the things
RT : I had my first PR accepted into plaso, which adds extraction for Chrome autofill entries. First of many!

DFIR  from twitter
28 days ago by johnnysmart

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