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Families lose high court challenge over special needs funding | Education | The Guardian
In a judgment handed down on Monday, however, Mr Justice Lewis ruled there was “no unlawful discrimination” in the way the government made provision for Send funding and dismissed the families’ claim for judicial review.
UK  Council  Austerity  disabled  education  policy  exclusion  DfE 
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Progress 8 error in performance table checking after BTEC gaffe
Peter Atherton, data manager at a school in Wakefield, told Schools Week some schools had received a “nasty surprise” when they went to check the website.

“It could be the case that, if all of these qualifications were missing for your school, that could affect your progress 8 score by quite a lot. Some schools are saying they’re -0.20 below what they were expecting.
schools  qualifications  dfe  data  standards 
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Ofsted under fire in its own survey of teachers' wellbeing | Education | The Guardian
Teachers said they spent less than half their time in the classroom, with the bulk of their hours spent on marking, planning and administration, including data entry and feedback required by school management to prepare for Ofsted inspections.
UK  Ofsted  DfE  CON-servative  Party  Conservative  Michael  Gove  reform  education  policy 
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Schools face cutbacks to fund pay rise for teachers in England | Education | The Guardian
Government says it will fund only 0.75% increase, expecting schools to pay for remaining 2%
UK  Austerity  DfE  Theresa  May  Conservative  Party  CON-servative  Boris  Johnson  education  policy 
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'Vanity project': debts pile up for English free schools scheme | Education | The Guardian
As part of Michael Gove’s free schools revolution, UTCs were meant to provide specialist education in science, maths and technology subjects, and attract university and industry backing. But the decision to admit students only from the age of 14 meant that they struggled to compete with secondary schools taking pupils from the age of 12.

“The problem with brand-new schools, particularly specialist UTCs, is that they are not tried and tested, which can make parents and pupils wary. Faced with a choice between a new UTC with little or no track record and the local school, which might have served a community for generations, the latter often wins out,” said Miller.
UK  Austerity  skill  skills  gap  DfE  Michael  Gove  University  technical  education  STEM  productivity 
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