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RT : Great Panel on Blockhain Regulatory and jurisdictional authority
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january 2018 by roderik
Regular and nonregular languages notes
Test if there are any cycles in the remaining DFA; if so, L is
infinite, if not, then L is finite. To test for cycles, we can use a
Depth-First-Search algorithm. If in the search we ever visit a
state that we’ve already seen, then there is a cycle.
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january 2017 by lrwiman
Making Billions With One Belief: The Markets Can’t Be Beat - WSJ
Here’s how DFA invests: It designs its own indexes, often of small-capitalization stocks, then waits—for weeks, if necessary—until an eager seller is willing to unload shares at below the prevailing asking price in the market. Such tactics can minimize and in some cases even erase transaction costs, providing a small but meaningful boost to returns.

The firm often emphasizes cheap, small-cap stocks that are cumbersome for active managers to buy, whether because they are too tiny to make a difference for a portfolio or are costly to trade.

Research by Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Kenneth French of Dartmouth College, finance professors who also advise DFA and serve as directors there, has shown that stocks with smaller market capitalizations, as well as those trading at low prices relative to their asset values and those with above-average profitability, outperform in the long run.

Since its launch in late 1981, DFA’s flagship fund has returned an average of 11.8% annually; the Russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks has gained an average of 10.3% annually. Two-thirds of the firm’s approximately 50 stock funds have beaten their benchmark since inception, according to data from DFA.

Fees, on average about a third of a percentage point, are higher than generic index funds and low compared with traditional active funds, though individuals with access generally will already be paying a financial adviser.
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october 2016 by stoweboyd

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