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If you're still looking for that one special gift, Tesco are doing a starter kit for £15...
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december 2018 by Ianc
CaptoGlove. Wearable Gaming, VR, AR, PC & Mobile Controller. by CaptoGlove LLC — Kickstarter
In CaptoGlove every finger's sensor is encoded as 2 bytes value from 0 to 0xFFFF, where 0 refers to minimum stored sensor value, 0xFFFF to maximum one. At the moment 5 per each finger bending movement and 1 for thumb’s fingertip pressure (stretch goal).
For orientation, it has final quaternion - float x 4 (roll-pitch and yaw), acceleration - float x 3, elevation - 1x float.
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july 2018 by akamediasystem
FSR tutorial | Open Music Labs
wait is this featuring a pic of the gamelan andrew boch made??
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june 2018 by akamediasystem

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