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RE:【集中】有關符咒(彩蛋)的事件,請同一此串發文討論 - 巴哈姆特手機版
[轉]【集中】有關符咒(彩蛋)的事件,請同一此串發文討論 希望所有不管對《還願》符咒事件有何種看法的推友,都耐下性子看一下這篇 #還願
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The Room Of Devotion - Siddha Performance
I said to him, “Because you have not yet decided to walk the True Journey. And do not for one second assume that I am telling you to walk it. That would not be genuine. Each person, if he wishes to become a Bruce Lee, must arrive at the point in his life in which he slams his fist on the table and he decides. He decides that from this point forward, I am going to devote my life to THIS.”


Devotion is a freedom from domesticity.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Discipline And Divinity - Siddha Performance
If the reward is not immediate, the action is not worth it!

If you are going to do it NOW, then you must be rewarded NOW!


To live every action with discipline is perhaps the way to instant divinity.

A disciplined stride, disciplined speech, disciplined breathing, disciplined stirring of the warm soup, disciplined smiles, disciplined admonishments . . . a wholly disciplined micro-existence.

What does it mean to walk and speak disciplined? How will you know?

This question is not answered by words after the action takes place.

It is answered by the intention before the action commences.

Any principle or idea that you are considering, do not ask yourself if it is “worth doing.”

Ask yourself, “Is it worth devoting your life to.”
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july 2018 by bekishore
Breviarium S.O.P.: The Devotion of the 15 Tuesdays to St. Dominic
The specific practice of the Devotion of the 15 Tuesdays was instituted in Florence in the year 1631.  During an occurrence of the plague that year, a Fr. Michael Bruni, of the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria Novella, exhorted the faithful to pray to St. Dominic, and promise to receive on Communion on 15 consecutive Tuesdays, presumably in honor of the 15 decades of the Rosary.  The success of this effort led to a rapid spread of the 15 Tuesdays devotion.  Pope Pius VII granted an indulgence for those who availed themselves of the pious practice in honor of St. Dominic.
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Cogito Day 19 and today's choice is definitely one for music and literature fans, it's by…
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december 2017 by dalcrose
Stop tech-driven problem-solving – Web11 – Medium
A new and exciting piece of Software technology comes out. It’s slick and shiny, and it promises to do something that was never before thought possible. It’s revolutionary and everyone talks about it…
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december 2017 by gilberto5757
Prepare for Christmas with the Saint Andrew Novena
Hail and blessed be the hour and moment
In which the Son of God was born
Of the most pure Virgin Mary,
at midnight,
in Bethlehem,
in the piercing cold.
In that hour vouchsafe, O my God,
to hear my prayer and grant my desires,
[here mention your request]
through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ,
and of His blessed Mother. Amen.
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november 2017 by benjekman

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