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This week we also discussed news like creates , and news like ,…
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yesterday by jaxzin
Why is it important that we defend the idea of DevOps, separate from the role of Operations?
As you might expect from our twitter conversation, I have a lot of thoughts on the term DevOps. I first heard it at the Velocity conference in 2009 during what I think is still the best introduction…
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2 days ago by thechinnster
RT : No builds. No change. No deploys. No upgrades. It is read-only Friday!
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2 days ago by nielsk
Serverless Takes DevOps to the Next Level
@danielbryantuk Check out my article on @InfoQ in which I'm exploring the cultural impact of #Serverless #devops
– Rafal Gancarz (RafalGancarz)
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2 days ago by eeichinger

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