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A Comprehensive Guide to Terraform
A series of posts that will teach you best practices for using Terraform in the real world
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16 hours ago by phlipper
YAGNI, Cargo Cult and Overengineering - the Planes Won't Land Just Because You Built a Runway in Your Backyard · CodeAhoy
It was April. Year was probably was 2010. The cold, snowy winter was finally coming to an end and the spring was almost in the air. I was preparing for my final exams. The review lectures were going on for the RDBMS course that I was enrolled in at my university.
17 hours ago by muhh
We are All Product Owners! An Impact Guide for Engineers*
If you’re just doing what you’re told, you’re failing. Focus on the highest impact thing you could do for your users, product, and company.
business  professional  career  dev  devops 
21 hours ago by jmay
The SaaS CTO Security Checklist
Protect your applications from cybersecurity threats by following the SaaS CTO Security Checklist.
infosec  devops 
yesterday by mankintong
Here's a little cheat sheet for you Extreme Scalability -> C Fearless Concurrency -> Rust Brutally Practical -> Go Web Scale -> Node.js / MongoDB
Extreme Scalability -> C
Fearless Concurrency -> Rust
Brutally Practical -> Go
Web Scale -> Node.js / MongoDB
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yesterday by marzocchi
Certbot and HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) — Joschi Kuphal · Web architect · Nuremberg / Germany
When I wanted to enable HTTP Public Key Pinning for this site, I couldn't find a complete and still easy to understand guide for doing so in combination with Certbot (formerly known as Let's Encrypt). While it's perfectly possibly to do HPKP which Certbot, it does require some manual preparation and maintenance. Here's what I did.
web  programming  devops  HPKP  apache  configuration  certbot  ssl 
2 days ago by schmlblk

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