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aaaristo/dyngodb: An experiment to get a MongoDB like interface in front of DynamoDB
An experiment to get a MongoDB like interface in front of DynamoDB - aaaristo/dyngodb
dynamodb  mongodb  devops 
3 hours ago by bobzoller
How NOT to Review a Pull Request | LornaJane
That's not very constructive, Lorna. Do you have a bit more advice for us? Since you asked so nicely, yes I do! First, read the description. If there isn't one, close the pull request.
3 hours ago by muhh
TICK Stack Built Within Open Source Platform | InfluxData
InfluxData provides a Modern Time Series Platform, designed from the ground up to handle metrics and events. InfluxData’s products are based on an open source core. This open source core consists of the projects—Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor; collectively called the TICK Stack.
dashboard  monitoring  devops  timeseries  analytics  bigdata  cloud 
5 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Microsoft’s problem isn’t how often it updates Windows—it’s how it develops it | Ars Technica
This tells us some fundamental things about how Windows is being developed. Either tests do not exist at all for this code (and I've been told that yes, it's permitted to integrate code without tests, though I would hope this isn't the norm), or test failures are being regarded as acceptable, non-blocking issues, and developers are being allowed to integrate code that they know doesn't work properly. From outside we can't tell exactly which situation is in play—it could even be a mix of both—but neither is good.
microsoft  programming  agile  tdd  devops  win10  patchmanagement  waas  ovum 
7 hours ago by yorksranter
The Crowbar Project
Transform your bare-metal into an OpenStack Cloud in hours.
Support for CEPH, High Availability, SSL and unattended installation included.
automation  OpenStack  CEPH  server  devops  tools 
13 hours ago by kOoLiNuS
GoCD: Open Source Continuous Delivery and Release Automation Server
Easily model and visualize complex workflows with GoCD, a free and open source continous delivery server.

Recommended by the folks of Noris Network.
ci  cd  devops 
15 hours ago by egoexpress
Laravel deployment using GitLab's pipelines
In this tutorial, we will set up a complex GitLab pipeline that builds our application, tests it and deploys it using Laravel Deployer.
devops  gitlab  ci/cd  laravel 
16 hours ago by yunior
How to install Kubernetes using Let’s Kube script – Containerum – Medium
How to install Kubernetes using Let’s Kube script - Added July 09, 2018 at 11:45AM
ansible  devops  kubernetes  read2of 
17 hours ago by xenocid
Terraform Remote State with Consul Backend - via @codeship | via @codeship
Terraform Remote State with Consul Backend - Added June 28, 2018 at 03:10PM
consul  devops  hashicorp  read2of  terraform 
17 hours ago by xenocid
Kubernetes StatefulSet In Action – Red Hat OpenShift Blog
Kubernetes StatefulSet In Action - Added June 24, 2018 at 10:43PM
devops  kubernetes  read2of 
17 hours ago by xenocid

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