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Fujitsu General Developes Water-cooled Neck Cooler Using Peltier Devices | NIKKEI XTECH
allegedly working people generate too much heat for normal direct air cooled peltier neck coolers, thus needing water cooling to a larger belt worn radiator/battery pack.
personal  air  conddition  cooler  peltier  water  cooled  radiator  hardware  electronics  devices 
31 minutes ago by asteroza
Alexa Design Guide | Alexa Design Guide
Alexa Design Guide
When we communicate with each other, we use a series of nonverbal, verbal, and visual signs— sometimes on their own, sometimes in concert together. This can be as simple as an “mmhm” to let someone know we're listening to them or layered with body language, such as lively hand gestures. As Alexa has developed, so too has her ability to communicate in these same robust ways. Alexa uses any available nonverbal, verbal, and visual means to communicate, whether it's audio cues, her voice, a light ring, or a screen. As Alexa is integrated across a range of devices with different capabilities, her ability to communicate has only become richer because of it.
voice-ui  audio  ux  userexperience  sound  Alexa  Amazon  devices  conversation 
10 hours ago by gwippich
What is an Information Radiator? | Agile Alliance
""Information radiator" is the generic term for any of a number of handwritten, drawn, printed or electronic displays which a team places in a highly visible location, so that all team members as well as passers-by can see the latest information at a glance: count of automated tests, velocity, incident reports, continuous integration status, and so on."

Some people are information radiators as well.
patterns  devices  visualizations  culture 
4 days ago by devin
Audiobooks and Podcasts: Friend or Foe? - Publishing Trends
Smart speakers, also referred to as voice-first devices, are seen by many as a boon to the audiobook industry. “Everyone who has a smart speaker has an audiobookstore in their home,” says Penguin Random House Audio President Amanda D’Acierno. With more sophisticated syncing now available, consumers can purchase audiobooks on a phone, computer or smart speaker and then read on all those platforms wherever they left off. The same is not yet true with podcasts, because at the moment it depends on which mobile apps are compatible with the smart speaker, though interoperability will undoubtedly expand.
audio  enceintes  intelligentes  smart  devices  podcast  livre 
6 days ago by sentinelle
Cubinote Pro | Smart Wireless Printer For Work. For Play. For Life.
Wait, no adhesive, so not actually a Post-It Note, just a wireless thermal printer then?
postit  note  thermal  printer  wireless  hardware  electronics  devices 
6 days ago by asteroza
Home - Fluidity
Almost single hand flight controller stick accessory for a drone smartphone
joystick  flight  controller  hardware  electronics  devices  UAV  drone  FPV 
6 days ago by asteroza

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