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Make that Mobile App A Reality | Swip Systems | Recipe for a Successful App
RT : You know that idea for a app you have had for a while? Now is the time to flesh it out.
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yesterday by ormg
Lean Software Development Principles
A summary of the Poppendieck's book on software development. Best slides I have seen on that topic so far.
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yesterday by oliverschwarz
A ‘Cash Cow’ is on the Agenda – Drew McCormack – Medium
On January 22nd, I am launching a new app for macOS: Agenda. When I say ‘I’, I really mean ‘We’, because Agenda was developed with Alexander Griekspoor and Marcello Luppi. Alexander is best known as the developer behind the Apple Design Award winning app Papers, and Marcello is a great designer who we have been working with on just about everything for the past 10 years.
I’ll no doubt have more to tell about Agenda itself after the launch, but right now, I wanted to introduce the sales model we have settled on, because it is quite unique. We don’t really have a name for the model, although internally we jokingly started referring to it as ‘cash cow’, because it was our ticket to fame and fortune. Grandiosity aside, a more accurate description may be something like a ‘non-renewing, premium feature subscription’, but that is quite wordy, and ‘subscription’ is a dirty word in our team, so we’ve stuck with cash cow.
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yesterday by rmohns
Building Holographic & VR Experiences Using the Mixed Reality Toolkit…
Mixed Reality blends people, places and things across a full spectrum ranging from the real-world to digital virtual worlds. This session is your introduction …
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yesterday by hschilling

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