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The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS
Over 100 curated resources for learning CSS, arranged in an order that makes sense for learning from scratch or jumping straight to a particular topic.
css  guides  webdev  development  reference 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
The only cheat sheet you need.
Unified access to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world.
cheatsheet  reference  programming  development 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
DevTube - The best developer videos in one place
Enjoy the best technical videos and share it with friends, colleagues, and the world.
video  learning  programming  development 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
Dangers of “Crying It Out” | Psychology Today
Letting babies “cry it out” is an idea that has been around at least since the behaviorist John Watson applied the mechanistic paradigm of behaviorism to child rearing in 1928, the decade when parents began trusting "science" more than their instincts.
trauma  baby  infant  childhood  development  brain  distress  crying  psychology  effect  ignoring 
yesterday by lgtout
Building the Google Photos Web UI – Google Design – Medium
A tremendous amount of care and attention goes into every detail of the Google Photos experience, the photo grid is just one part of a much bigger product. Here is how we made it.
javascript  development  google 
yesterday by ksho
Calendar Versioning — CalVer
CalVer is a software versioning convention that is based on your project's release calendar, instead of arbitrary numbers.
development  programming  software 
yesterday by f440
A mate raised a really good point. Client brochure sites.. which do you usually build with? I want to go Webflow, but worried about flexibility later. Thanks @rileyj_s:
design  UX  UI  user  interface  user-interface  designer  front  end  front-end  webdev  web  development  experience 
yesterday by dcolanduno

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