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StdLib — Function as a Service Software Library
The Standard Library for Functions as a Service. Discover pre-built APIs, compose your own, build apps, and move your business faster than ever with new "server-less" technology.
cloud  javascript  lambda  serverless  code  software  service  api  apis  services  dev  development  faas 
yesterday by aviflax
DEVICON | All programming languages and development tools related icons font
devicon aims to gather all logos representing development languages and tools in one font.
icons  programming  development  logos 
yesterday by lucasalvini
The Clean Architecture | 8th Light
Over the last several years we’ve seen a whole range of ideas regarding the architecture of systems. These include: Hexagonal Architecture (a.k.a. Ports and Adapters) by Alistair Cockburn and adopted by Steve Freeman, and Nat...
design  architecture  software-engineering  development  programming 
yesterday by jazzgumpy
GitHub - ulrikdamm/Sqlable: Swift library for making storing data in a SQLite database simple and magic-free
Sqlable is a Swift library for storing data in a SQLite database easy as pie. Create a struct, make it Sqlable, and then read, write, update and delete to your heart’s content! Persistence is often a pain when making iOS apps.
Archive  Pocket  development 
yesterday by brokenrhino
Take a Pokémon Go-style tour of the University of Washington’s future computer science building | GeekWire
Seattleites impatient to see what the University of Washington’s new $110 million computer science building will look like can get a high-tech preview, thanks to an app that allows users to see the planned building through their smartphones.
College:Engineering  Allen.School  !UWitM  2017  GeekWire  development 
yesterday by uwnews

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