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Where designing is building. Create UIs using design, code, or both. Works with any iOS, Android, or Web codebase. | Haiku
Where designing is building. Create dynamic, cross-platform UIs using design tools, code, or both. Works with any iOS, Android, or Web codebase.
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1 hour ago by phatblat
App review & ratings analysis for mobile teams - Appbot
We know how important app reviews are to the success of your app.That's why we build Appbot to give you app store review analysis in minutes, not days. Instantly see what your app store reviews are about without lifting a finger. Make better, faster decisions about your product roadmap, based on the feedback and sentiment of real users.
appstore  development  ios  reviews  google  playstore  mobile 
2 hours ago by dlkinney
jQuery UI Touch Punch - Touch Event Support for jQuery UI
jQuery UI Touch Punch is a small hack that enables the use of touch events on sites using the jQuery UI user interface library.
ios  jquery  mobile  touch  javascript  development 
3 hours ago by moalex
jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX
jquery  development  javascript 
3 hours ago by moalex
Let’s talk about usernames
Comprehensive overview to all of the challenges to assigning usernames.
development  django  identity 
3 hours ago by danielbachhuber
Placeholder image generator
Quick and easy way to generate PNG and SVG placeholder images.
images  development 
4 hours ago by chromaphobic
Working with utcDateTime in X++ | Dynamics AX Slacker
The secret behind the capability of Dynamics AX to work flawlessly in different time zones is its utcDateTime data type. It combines date, TimeOfDay and time zone information into a single data type enabling the consultants to achieve date and time related requirements in a way that is more close to how we think about time in our daily lives. Like other data types in AX, utcDateTime can also be extended as required and used as the backing type of a database field.
ax2012  ax  development  tips  utc  datetime 
7 hours ago by torben
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