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RT : A large number of Chinese accounts are being suspended today. They “happen” to be accounts cri…
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6 weeks ago by gaelicWizard
Mutually Assured Destruction by A_bit_not_good_yeah
Bond gripped Q’s hair, just shy of too rough and pulled him closer, testing, wanting to wipe that smug look off Q’s fucking beautiful face. “Well if not that, how would you characterise our—” he paused, letting the next word come out slowly, tinted black with implication, “—arrangement?”

Q’s eyes met Bond’s as he very gradually closed the distance between them, never blinking, even as his lips brushed 007’s in a shared breath that was electric with promise. “Mutually assured destruction.”

Wherein Bond and Q can't seem to realize what their feelings are doing until they realize it. Hard.
007  00q  Bond/Q  hot  developing  relationship  first-time  James.Bond(Daniel.Craig) 
april 2019 by allhoneyboo
RT : I’m looking for companies / orgznisations that are and want to do it faster a…
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march 2019 by roderik
RT : Calling all in : This conference is your conference! Deadline fo…
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march 2019 by delong

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