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The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser: Main Page
<code class="language-c">
#include <iostream>
#include "optionparser.h"
enum optionIndex { UNKNOWN, HELP, PLUS };
const option::Descriptor usage[] =
{UNKNOWN, 0,"" , "" ,option::Arg::None, "USAGE: example [options]\n\n"
"Options:" },
{HELP, 0,"" , "help",option::Arg::None, " --help \tPrint usage and exit." },
{PLUS, 0,"p", "plus",option::Arg::None, " --plus, -p \tIncrement count." },
{UNKNOWN, 0,"" , "" ,option::Arg::None, "\nExamples:\n"
" example --unknown -- --this_is_no_option\n"
" example -unk --plus -ppp file1 file2\n" },
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
argc-=(argc>0); argv+=(argc>0); // skip program name argv[0] if present
option::Stats stats(usage, argc, argv);
option::Option options[stats.options_max], buffer[stats.buffer_max];
option::Parser parse(usage, argc, argv, options, buffer);
if (parse.error())
return 1;
if (options[HELP] || argc == 0) {
option::printUsage(std::cout, usage);
return 0;
std::cout << "--plus count: " <<
options[PLUS].count() << "\n";
for (option::Option* opt = options[UNKNOWN]; opt; opt = opt->next())
std::cout << "Unknown option: " << opt->name << "\n";
for (int i = 0; i < parse.nonOptionsCount(); ++i)
std::cout << "Non-option #" << i << ": " << parse.nonOption(i) << "\n";
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