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Mixins and Python - Ian Lewis |
The correct way to use mixins is like in the reverse order:
<code class="language-python">class MyClass(Mixin2, Mixin1, BaseClass):

This kind of looks counter-intuitive at first because most people would read a top-down class hierarchy from left to right but if you include the class you are defining, you can read correctly up the class hierarchy (MyClass => Mixin2 => Mixin1 => BaseClass. If you define your classes this way you won't have to many conflicts and run into too many bugs.
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13 days ago by kme
The myths of bioinformatics software | Bits of DNA |
If you make your software free for commercial use, you are effectively creating a subsidy for companies, one that is funded by your university / your grants. You are a corporate hero! Congratulations! You have found a loophole for transferring scarce public money to the private sector. If you’ve licensed your software with BSD you’ve added another subsidy: a company using your software doesn’t have any reason to share their work with the academic community. There are two reasons why you might want to reconsider offering such subsidies. First, by denying yourself potential profits from sale of your software to industry, you are definitively removing any incentive for future development/maintenance of the software by yourself or future graduate students. Most bioinformatics software, when sold commercially, costs a few thousand dollars. This is a rounding error for companies developing cancer or other drugs at the cost of a billion dollars per drug and a tractable proposition even for startups, yet the money will make a real difference to you three years out from your Ph.D. when you’re earning a postdoc salary.
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14 days ago by kme

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