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eDEX-UI: A Fully Functioning Sci-Fi Computer Interface Inspired By TRON Legacy - Linux Uprising Blog
eDEX-UI is an application that resembles a Sci-Fi computer interface, which creates the illusion of a desktop environment without windows. It's inspired by the DEX-UI project (which hasn't been updated since the beginning of 2015), and the TRON Legacy movie effects.
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yesterday by krzemienski
[Geekery] Programming 101: PB & J | Plarzoid
uses the PB&J game as a metaphor for programming
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yesterday by rvanx2002
Vim’s absolute, relative and hybrid line numbers
Besides regular absolute line numbers, Vim has relative and “hybrid” modes to help navigate around files.
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2 days ago by deusx
Pagekite - The fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution
they say: Fast, reliable, secure: make your localhost part of the Web.
localhost tunneling. Make any computer a server: a pi, a laptop, even old cell phones.
Looks like it would be perfect for client view of dev, avoids staging site. Cheap and open source
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2 days ago by piperh

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