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Taco Bell Made the Perfect Trailer for a Fake Movie About Why They’ve Never Sold Fries – Adweek
Ever wonder why Taco Bell doesn’t sell fries? That question sets off Josh Duhamel on a epic quest in the brand’s new faux movie trailer for a thriller called Web of Fries, which looks like the perfect plane movie.
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18 hours ago by JohnDrake
David Deutsch & Sam Harris - Brett   Hall
Knowledge is a kind of information: that’s the simple thing. It’s something that could have been otherwise and is one particular way and the particular way it is, is that it says something true and useful about the world. Now knowledge is in a sense an abstract thing because it is independent of its physical instantiation. I can speak words which embody some knowledge. I can write them down. They can exist as movements of electrons in a computer and so on. Thousands of different ways. So knowledge isn’t dependent on any particular instantiation. On the other hand it does have the property that when it is instantiated it tends to remain so. So the difference between say a piece of speculation by a scientist which he writes down and then that turns out to be a genuine piece of knowledge - that will be the piece of paper he does *not* throw in the wastepaper basket.
8 days ago by wolfreporter
The Beginning of Infinity: Theories are conjectural
scientific theories are not ‘derived’ from anything. We do not read them in nature, nor does nature write them into us. They are guesses – bold conjectures. Human minds create them by rearranging, combining, altering and adding to existing ideas with the intention of improving upon them.
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8 days ago by wolfreporter

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