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A Food Crawl Through Banglatown on the Detroit-Hamtramck Border - Eater Detroit
For this crawl, Eater’s team took a stroll up Conant Avenue — which between Harold and Davison Streets is known as Bangladesh Avenue — in search of biryani, curry, and more.
detroit  food  bangladeshi 
14 days ago by deusx
GM transition portends conflict ahead - The Detroit News
General Motors Co.’s plan to idle, and try to close, five North American plants this year is hurtling toward a titanic battle to determine the direction of the auto industry as this town knows it.
this-week-449  Around-the-web  Matt  detroit  midwest  Michigan  automotive-industry  manufacturing  jobs  economic-development 
15 days ago by areadevelopment
Evolving Arts Ecosystems: A Study of Detroit
In the face of declines in Detroit’s population and economy, the arts have forged a common identity, burnishing the city’s image as a bustling hive of do-it-yourself creative activity. As summed up by one local leader: “When Detroit was at its lowest point, the arts doubled down on community investment when everyone else was gone.”
Bradford  Detroit  Arts  Research 
16 days ago by imranx
Detroit police officer demoted over 'black girl magic' Snapchat post - BBC News
"He has a troubling history," he added, in a reference to Mr Steele's 2008 arrest for a domestic attack on his girlfriend, in which he fired a gun near her head.

The 18-year-police veteran pleaded guilty, served probation and was allowed to remain on the force, according to Detroit media.
police  assholes  racism  detroit  areyoufuckingkiddingme 
20 days ago by conner
RT : 's most accomplished governor, and also a prominent figure, to be sure -- but Cass also has a dar…
Detroit  Michigan  from twitter
24 days ago by peterhoneyman
'Detroit' Siphons and Squanders a History of Marginalized Struggle - Waypoint
'Detroit' Siphons and Squanders a History of Marginalized Struggle via Instapaper
IFTTT  Instapaper  Detroit  scifi  culture 
29 days ago by wexxy
RT : The Packard Plant bridge over the Boulevard has collapsed in .
Detroit  breaking  from twitter
29 days ago by peterhoneyman

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