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Deterioration Model
Deterioration Model
A model to describe the process and mechanisms by which assets deteriorate and pass through different stages of failure, including:
engineering  asset-management  deterioration 
november 2017 by wernsting
How to Deal with Lintel Deterioration
Lintels do not last forever, so it is important to be aware of lintel deterioration.
lintel  deterioration 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
Benefit Sanctions Will Cause A Deterioration In Health And That’s OK Says DWP Rule Book | the void
Physical punishment is now built into the benefit system with sanctions both known and intended to cause a deterioration in health says the DWP rule book..

The shocking fact was revealed by Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group who was giving evidence to Work and Pensions Committee’s sanction enquiry this morning.  Graham ended her evidence by pointing out a chilling extract from the DWP Decision Maker’s guidelines referring to whether a claimant who has had their benefit stopped should be entitled to a meagre Hardship Payment for the first two weeks of their sanction.

According to the rules, it would be “usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health” if they are left with no money to buy food or pay for essential items for two weeks.  A Hardship Payment can therefore only be awarded for this period if Jobcentre staff decide that due to an existing medical condition a sanction will cause a greater decline in health than it would a normal healthy adult.

As Boycott Workfare point out today, sometimes that deterioration in health can be fatal.  And all for the crime of missing a meeting with the Jobcentre.

The DWP’s decision maker’s guide can be found at:

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IFTTT  Benefit  Sanctions  Will  Cause  A  Deterioration  In  Health  And  That’s  OK  Says  DWP  Rule  Book 
january 2015 by davidmarsden
The creative class is a lie -
"Past groups punctured by economic and technological change have been woven into myth. Charles Dickens wrote sympathetically about Londoners struggling through the Industrial Revolution of 19th-century Britain. John Steinbeck brought Dust Bowl refugees to life; Woody Guthrie wrote songs about these and others with no home in this world anymore. One of his inheritors, Bruce Springsteen, did the same for the declining industrial economy.

But the human cost of this latest economic/technological shift has been ignored. Many of us, says Northern California writer Jaime O’Neill, are living in a depression. “It’s hard to make the word stick, however, because we haven’t developed the iconography yet, he writes in a recent essay titled “Where’s today’s Dorothea Lange.”"
life  future  society  culture  loss  decay  deterioration  people  usa  economics  art 
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Lack of sleep 'linked to early death'
Getting less than six hours sleep a night can lead to an early grave, UK and Italian researchers have warned.
sleep  UK  death  journal  reports  deterioration 
may 2010 by healthylivinggal
China's soil deterioration may become growing food crisis, adviser claims | Environment |
The quality of China's overworked, polluted and artificially fertilised soil needs to be protected or the country could struggle to grow enough crops for the 300 million to 400 million people who will move from the countryside to the city over the next 30 years, a senior government adviser warned today.
china  soil  deterioration  soil  pollution  artificially  fertilised  soil  soil  fertility 
february 2010 by TomRaftery
Al Jazeera English - Focus - Guantanamo conditions 'deteriorate' By Andrew Wander | November 09, 2009
from the page: "While no-one is alleging a return to the early days of the prison, when detainees were subjected to "enhanced interrogation" techniques that are today widely regarded as torture, prisoners say day-to-day life at Guantanamo has become harder under the Obama administration. Within days of Obama's inauguration and subsequent announcement that he would close Guantanamo, prisoners say authorities introduced new regulations and revoked previous privileges at the prison. "They took away group recreation for prisoners in segregation, which was the only time we saw anyone," Gharani remembers. "They took away the books we had from the library. They even sprayed pepper spray into my cell while I was sleeping, so I'd wake up unable to breathe." ..."
torture  guantanamo  detention  obama  USA  human-rights  deterioration  trauma 
november 2009 by willowtrees
Designed Deterioration
Unused objects are ignorant; only the ones that have been put to use, that have traveled, that have been tossed around have accumulated knowledge. That knowledge and familiarity, if it’s worn properly, can make an object desirable. A beaten, worn, scrat
design  sustainability  deterioration  homegrown 
november 2007 by grraph
Subtraction: Designed Deterioration
"nicks, scratches, weathering & fading ... not factored in at all ... Marks of knowledge, like the warped corner, aren’t meant to be embraced, but rather denied ... object should be designed ... for ... wear & tear ... [Instead of] planned obsolescence"
Khoi_Vinh  2007  design  digital_life  consumerism  capitalism  sustainability  iPhone  ageing  deterioration  planned_obsolescence  time 
july 2007 by Preoccupations
Subtraction: Designed Deterioration
Objects becoming more attractive as they are used
design  deterioration 
july 2007 by PhilRodgers
Subtraction: Designed Deterioration
The thing with a Rimowa, though, is that those scratches, dings and dents are part of their aesthetic. A new, unspoiled Rimowa suitcase is actually the least desirable kind of Rimowa suitcase in that it is, to paraphrase something I once heard Jasper John
product-design  design  deterioration  decay  ageing  product  sustainability  durability  subtraction  khoi-vinh 
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