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When you cross the US border, you have no right to electronic privacy.
If you are referred for a secondary inspection, your right to privacy is essentially moot: "Both the examination and the search may be conducted without a warrant and without suspicion."

If your device or data is sent to an "assisting party," a separate chain of custody form is created that is noted in your case file but not disclosed to you.

Courts in the US have consistently upheld the government's broad authority to search, copy and detain electronic devices without probably cause or reason for suspicion. By considering these devices identical to ordinary possessions like briefcases or backpacks, border officials have greatly expanded their ability to investigate individuals in ways that would never be allowed within the country's borders.

These investigations are often unrelated to issues of national security in the traditional sense.

A laptop is not a briefcase. Where a briefcase might possibly contain a few items of note for border officials, like weapons, drugs, or other contraband, an electronic device contains intimate details about a person's life and livelihood. Journalists and their devices have already been targeted, indicating that this authority is not only abusable but is actively being abused.

These laws aren't likely to change any time soon, but travelers to and from the US should at least be aware: When you cross the US border, you have no right to electronic privacy.
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