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CSS object-fit Property ;;;
tags: w3schools css html image needsEditing on resize resizing the aspect ratio of photo photograph is preserved and not destroyed ;;;
In the next example, we use object-fit: cover;, so when we resize the browser window, the aspect ratio of the images is preserved:
w3schools  css  html  image  needsEditing  on  resize  resizing  the  aspect  ratio  of  photo  photograph  is  preserved  and  not  destroyed 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
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GIF fail, car, 2018, cars, crash, hit, smash, road, fails, nails, destroy, hits, highway, nail, sneak, destroyed, curb, dashcam, viralhog, destroys, sneaks, dashcams, curbs Giphy ______
fail  car  2018  cars  crash  hit  smash  road  fails  nails  destroy  hits  highway  nail  sneak  destroyed  curb  dashcam  viralhog  destroys  sneaks  dashcams  curbs  wynajem  samochody  auta 
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GIF car, fire, cool, crazy, wow, explosion, cars, boom, destruction, crack, explosions, pow, bam, automobile, unbelievable, fullmag, richardryan, destroyed, automatic, explosive, explosives, minigun, blowup, miniguns, automaticweapon, blownup, automaticweapons, dillonminigun Giphy ______
car  fire  cool  crazy  wow  explosion  cars  boom  destruction  crack  explosions  pow  bam  automobile  unbelievable  fullmag  richardryan  destroyed  automatic  explosive  explosives  minigun  blowu 
may 2017 by architektura

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