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Paddy McMahon on Free Will
Souls save each other? What part does our human consciousness play?
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2 days ago by spmkde
He’s Your Destiny. Just Be Patient. - The New York Times
And isn’t that part of the bargain we strike with our partners? That we are willing to live together inside of a story being written rather than a story already told? And that trying to see the future before it happens is just an attempt to make the terrible uncertainty about being in love, and staying in love, a little easier to bear.
2 days ago by kme
bubbrubb22 comments on We killed both of the new Crown of Sorrow raid bosses in under 10 seconds.
A good grenade launcher for boss DPS that you can pull from your Y1 Collection.
destiny  weapons  sga 
14 days ago by darkwater
dcaslin/d2-checklist: Source for, written in Angular and using the Bungie API
Source for, written in Angular and using the Bungie API - dcaslin/d2-checklist
26 days ago by geetarista

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