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The Tar Pipe — Extra Cheese
Copy scr to dest, preserving permissions and other stuff
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25 days ago by baldguyken
The Exumas | The Official Site of The Bahamas
With sapphire-blue water everywhere, The Exumas are an exotic collection of dream destinations. Footprint-free beaches, ultra-exclusive resorts, and islands fit for celebrities make this tropical paradise an absolute gem. Here, nature outnumbers man, coastlines remain flawless and private homes play host to some of the world’s most famous stars. The Exumas truly are the ultimate escape.
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january 2019 by kpieper876
ScanSnap iX1500 Tips: How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube ;;;
tags: ScanSnap iX1500 Tips : How to add Adobe Acrobat as a Scan Destination - YouTube video ;;;
ScanSnap  iX1500  Tips  :  How  to  add  Adobe  Acrobat  as  a  Scan  Destination  -  YouTube  video  HowTo 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
THE GLOW | A Jack O’lantern Experience
Young kid friendly halloween fun.

THE GLOW is 1/3 mile trail filled with over 5,000 hand carved jack o’ lanterns. You will experience everything from artistically detailed single pumpkin carvings to amazing, larger-than-life structures. THE GLOW is a family friendly event also featuring fall food and beverages and live demonstrations with our carvers! Come GLOW with us!
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october 2018 by caseyajordan12
Places to see based off Aug 14 2018 visit.
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october 2018 by filssun
Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet · An A List Apart Article
Breaking down the walls between the internet’s many social silos, Webmentions offer a new level of freedom for web interactions.
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september 2018 by gilberto5757

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