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Messenger for Desktop – Unofficial app for Facebook Messenger
Might be Electron? Seems shady based off it seemingly being an installer though if they pay for it that way, that's not so bad --
A simple & beautiful app for Facebook Messenger. Chat without distractions on any OS. Unofficial client, not endorsed by Facebook.
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march 2019 by skinnymuch
DocFetcher - Fast Document Search
Homepage of DocFetcher, a desktop search application for fast document retrieval
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Code Notes, the code snippet manager for developers
Could possibly contribute to one of the issues or something? It using Vue is annoying as I want to practice React and stuff, not figure out Vue stuff.
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september 2018 by skinnymuch
The fastest way to run applications -™
"The fastest way to run applications." "Turbo containers are ready-to-use computing environments that run, sync, and deploy instantly on any Windows desktop."
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january 2016 by skinnymuch

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