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Stellar Desktop Client
It will encrypt your secret key and store it as a file locally on computer. Your account is as safe as the security of your personal computer.
You can trust, send, trade in the client. It also fully supports the federation protocol and even embeds the service.
Open source full featured desktop client.
desktop  ui  cryptocurrency  linux  windows  macosx  downloads  links  opensource  github  node.js  crypto.blockchain 
2 days ago by ezequiel
dmenu: a dynamic menu for X
It was originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently.
userland  desktop  launcher 
3 days ago by sprgchma
dwm: a dynamic window manager for X
It manages windows in tiled, monocle and floating layouts.
dwm is customized through editing its source code.
userland  desktop  wm 
3 days ago by sprgchma

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