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Microsoft And The UWP For Enterprise Delusion – Dean Chalk
I have been a full time enterprise .NET developer since Microsoft released the beta version of .NET in 2001. By the time WPF and XAML came around in 2006 I was freelance developer in the investment…
microsoft  desktop  application  enterprise  development  abandonment  wpf  legacy  criticism  uwp 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
Getting Started with Flutter
Dive into the Flutter framework for building iOS and Android apps in a single codebase, by writing a cross-platform app using VS Code.
flutter  mobile  desktop  application  programming  framework  intro 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
Voodoo-Kali | Re4son
Wow, making Kali more user friendly on windows WSL
windows  WSL  Kali  desktop  integration  GUI  UI  security  hacking  pentesting 
3 days ago by asteroza
You're Living in the Past, Dude! - Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )
«Nevertheless, there's actually nothing wrong with "living in the past" — I quite like it myself. However, I'd suggest that care be taken to not admonish those who make a go at creating the future. (At this risk of making a conclusion that sounds like a time travel joke,) don't forget that their future will eventually become that very past where I and others would prefer to live.»
bradley-kuhn  software  free-software  history  desktop  gnome  debian 
4 days ago by brennen
How to Deploy MS Access on a SharePoint Server or a Remote Desktop Environment
This article is an attempt to understand the performance of MS Access on a remote desktop environment or on SharePoint Server
SharePoint  MS  Access  remote  desktop  environment  Web  Apps  damage 
6 days ago by DataNumen

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