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office furniture that works
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16 days ago by mikej
Essential Items Every Desk Should Have
Your workday won’t go well if you don’t have the proper tools. The items that you use daily should be neat, organized, and easily accessible.
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5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Bronx Pool Table – Vintage Industrial Furniture
As @stop put it, “This Bronx Pool Table doesn’t mess around. I’ll vouch for @VintageIndust’s craftsmanship. Their custom furniture and steel work is 💯.”

(So perhaps these folks may be worth a look if you should need furniture? That said, their stuff really isn’t cheap. Like, even a side table is $2,500. So.)
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10 weeks ago by handcoding
Meet the low-tech precursors of portable devices |
Portable furnishings of one kind or another have been used for centuries but in Europe had their heyday from the medieval period to the Renaissance. Royal courts and noble families moved from place to place during the year as, until the 16th century, there was rarely one capital city in a kingdom. Each move saw everyone packing up not only personal possessions but also furniture, much of which was made to be taken apart easily for transport. The French word for furniture, meuble, meaning movable, reflects this. Even families who stayed put in their houses used portable furniture as living was done in one central great hall and portable furniture meant it could be reconfigured as a living or dining room, or a bedchamber, depending on the time of day.
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january 2019 by shannon_mattern
Worm Gear Screw Jack Lift Tables | nosenkw | TradersCity
Inspiration for my manually operated adjustable height stand up desk.
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december 2018 by tribbles
Health effects of sit-stand desks and interventions aimed to reduce sitting at work are still unproven | Cochrane
“An updated Cochrane Review, published today in the Cochrane Library, says that the benefits of a variety of interventions intended to reduce sitting at work are very uncertain.”
desks  standing  2018  health  ergonomics  presentations  aces2019 
december 2018 by handcoding
Vitra | Hack
A table system for offices (or homes for that matter) via Seth Werkheiser
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december 2018 by glass

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