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de-sk : the modular desk
The modular desk.
A beautiful, resizable and affordable desk system. Re-arrange and move workspaces easily and quickly.
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9 days ago by danroc
The Magic of One-to-Many Customer Support
Instant answers to the rescue

The answer to fixing chat was right under our nose. It turns out that for a support team with under 100 people, about 54% of customer questions are considered “easy” to answer. Combine that with the fact that 71% of customers want a way to solve problems on their own

, and the answer is pretty clear:

We need to put answers in front of customers, at just the right time, so they can accomplish their goals without switching contexts. That’s the holy grail. It’s the best experience you can give your customers.
work  support  customer  help  desk 
21 days ago by rauschen

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