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RT : Really important ideas. exploring in the enterprise. (yes, secu…
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Just saw another offer for a course of “ “ in a couple of hours. “From problem statement to idea e…
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in action! Week 1 of concluded with a presentation of students' designs for an enclos…
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Design Thinking Comes of Age
But design doesn’t solve all problems. It helps people and organizations cut through complexity. It’s great for innovation. It works extremely well for imagining the future. But it’s not the right set of tools for optimizing, streamlining, or otherwise operating a stable business. Additionally, even if expectations are set appropriately, they must be aligned around a realistic timeline—culture changes slowly in large organizations.
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Target has a secret app for superfans, and it looks like Instagram
urther stretches the idea by including diverse users who can answer quick questions in its ap
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The Designer Who Changed Airbnb's Entire Strategy
"Sinclair: When we realized the product was the trip, we started to see Airbnb as a lifestyle company that could believably extend into more aspects of the trip, like Airbnb Experiences. But the real genius is that storyboards became part of our culture and helped make Airbnb a resilient, creative organization. When we presented the Snow White storyboards to the team, we shared why we were creating this end-to-end experience and asked employees where they affected the story. Giving people problems instead of to-do lists empowered them to examine their work through a new lens. They were invited to be creative and come up with new ideas and possibilities that leadership could never have imagined. You can’t know the future in such a fast-moving organization or in a global market. And, when you’re truly disrupting, you don’t want to be limited by what you think your company can be right now. Snow White brought human-centered design to all levels of the organization, and it is still used and shared today.

Joffrion: Product-market fit is something companies really struggle to find and keep. How has your work helped Airbnb stay ahead of the game in a changing market?

Sinclair: Storyboards gave the team a framework for imagining an experience. And this has become a human-centered way to think about innovation. You can’t build products that people want without a strong point of view, so understanding that Airbnb's product was the trip gave the team the right constraints to focus on innovation that rolled up to our brand promise -- even as the markets shifts. We couldn’t have done this without first understanding how the customer saw our product: that the product was the trip. This allowed us to see what kinds of brand and product extensions were believable to customers and fit into our brand.

Joffrion: What advice do you have for companies who are struggling with using research to find (or keep) product-market fit?

Sinclair: When you’re innovating, you have to have a strong point of view. You need research, but you can’t research your way to innovation. You have to understand your customers’ experiences and ask yourself how they feel, but don’t ask your customer to tell you the solution. You are the designer. Your job is to be a deep, empathetic listener and to imagine ways to solve their problem. Take responsibility to create something better than the customer could have imagined. They are the inspiration, but you are the creator."
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What is & how does it relate to ? Here's a nice overview:
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Design Thinking Is a Boondoggle - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"As Margaret Brindle and Peter Stearns explain in Facing Up to Management Faddism: A New Look at an Old Force, fads often enter organizations from outside in moments of perceived crisis. Fads are useful: They assuage leaders’ worries by offering some novelty that promises to solve their problems. They legitimate the organization by giving it a chance to show that it can keep up with all the new, cool stuff out there. And they enable leaders to show that they are doing something."
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