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Documenting Components – EightShapes – Medium
#1 of 6 of the series Documenting Components:
Overview | Intros | Examples | Design | Code | Authoring High-quality component documentation is a hallmark of an effective library. We describe each UI…
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12 days ago by alexmc
Grid System Library
Grids for iOS, Android and Bootstrap 网格系统
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15 days ago by fishpaw
Visa Design System and Services – Punchcut
Punchcut worked with Visa to design intuitive flows and interactions for its mobile payment transactions. Key attention was focused on creating motion, audio and visual cues that guide adoption of this new payment ritual.
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19 days ago by mayrav
Distilling How We Think About Design Systems
Have you all heard of this cool new thing called design systems? They’re popping up everywhere. They’re not really new, but more of a distillation of a lot of things we’ve been starting to do for a long time now.
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26 days ago by roboto

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